Pigmentation changes on HRT

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      I’ve been on Estrodiol and Spironolactone for almost 9 months and just started progesterone and have started noticing some pigmentation changes.ย  I have been curious how common this actually is.

      I knew there would be some darkening of tissues in the genital regions, but did not expect some of the other pigmentation changes elsewhere on the body.ย  I first noticed freckles on my cheeks around the 8 month mark, (this was before progesterone.)ย  I love freckles, so it actually made my day.

      Around 8 1/2 months, I had taken a trip to Hawaii and spent some timeย  on the beach and the next day I had faint lines down the inside either leg.ย  This was a little alarming.ย  None of my friends had experienced this, and I thought maybe it was a rash from the inseam of my jeans, but I hadn’t worn jeans for a couple of days..ย  I had a doctors appointment the following week when I returned where I brought up the lines, and was told it was related to “linea nigra,” and that as they had faded during the week, that I should put sunscreen on to lessen the affects.ย  I will be continuing to monitory them and keep my doctor informed.

      My sister has pigmentation issues stemming from her pregnancy,ย  (discoloration on her face and arms.) So maybe I’m genetically disposition to some of this.ย  My thyroid has been tested as part of my blood work, but that is an area of concern since that is something my sister has issues with.

      So now that I’ve done a little research, I’m finally finding some others who have reported similar pigment changes that appear in some pregnant women as well:

      โ€ขPigmentary demarcation lines on my legs (Upper inner thigh to my knees)

      โ€ขIncreased freckles on my cheeks and nose.

      โ€ขEyes color change.ย  I have had several of my girlfriends/coworkers make spontaneous separate comments about how blue my eyes look lately.

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      Michelle Lawson

      Kaiya, thank you for creating this post. We can never get too much medical experience info from the members. The more we have, the better the quality of information. So thank you very much. Michelle

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      Iโ€™m a MTF on HRT for a month. I havenโ€™t noticed any pigmentation changes.

      What I did notice was that the pink hue in my hands vanished within a week. The rest of my body slowly played catch up.

      After a month the rest of my body has lost most its pink coloring. The only exception is my face, which has lightened up half as much as my porcelain vampire hands.

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