Podiatry for Trans women: The agony of large feet.

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      Recently I had a run in with a podiatrist. I went to discuss options for my transition, and wanted to discuss anything that could assist with my feet. I am MTF and I have a size 12 foot. Now I understand there is never perfection in this life but…to want to know my options for foot reduction and surgical options I think is my right. I’m not looking to have a petite foot I know that not possible but research has brought me to thing like the “Cinderella” procedure. I was made to feel absolutely crazy for asking. The Dr. was cold and matter of fact about there not being any. I can’t let it go, so I’m asking for my larger foot women have you also sought out surgical options, if so what were your experiences? Is there a doctor somewhere in the states that specializes in this?

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      Liz K

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’ve seen a couple of posts on another forum about foot reduction surgery.  My impression was it wasn’t worth it.  Long recovery time.  Needing to be 100% off your feet for some time.  High risk of constant pain.  And an ugly scar.  This was for a reduction of 1-2 sizes.  Most surgeons won’t do the procedure and insurance won’t cover it.</p>
      However, you didn’t say if you’re on HRT or for how long if you are.  There is potentially good news with that.  Many girls have reported losing 1-3 sizes after being on estrogen for a while.  I’m one of them.  Pre-HRT I wore a size 14 women’s shoe in most brands.  19 months into transition and I now can wear a 12 or 13 in many brands.  Not a big change but enough to give me many more brand options.  As an aside, many girls also report losing 1-3 inches in height.  The explanation cited most often is that estrogen causes the soft tissues in your body to shrink.  Hence, the bones in your joints come closer together.  As you may know, the human foot contains 33 joints.  So there is potential for significant shortening.  I think I have a chance to get down to an 11.  If that happens, I’ll be able to wear almost every brand of women’s shoes.


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        thank you for that information about hrt n sizes…I find it…hopeful as I’m 510ish n shoe bigger than I’d like..so some shrinkage would help me blend in better I think…yet to start hrt but hopeful. thanks girls.


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      Hi Dion,
      My late partner, also trans, wore a size 14 shoe. It matched her 5’11” height pretty well. She did a lot of research and found very comfortable and cool looking shoes. It may not be as fun, but she wore long skirts to de-emphasize her feet.
      If I were you (I’m a nurse) I’d avoid invasive surgery like the one you wrote about. Too many things can go wrong.
      Best wishes.

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        Hello Natalie.

        If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask about your late partner’s shoes.  I’m also in the ladies size 14 shoe. Where was she able to find shoes?  Any heels or pumps?  If you still have them in your possession, are you interested in selling her shoes?

        I’ve searched all the online and brick-and-mortar shoe stores I can find in my search for shoes.  The only style I’ve found is a ballet flat – hardly the best choice for a dressy event or for a snowy day.  I’ve found a few on Amazon, but they are undersized (a common problem with anything manufactured in China).  I did find a pair of ankle strap, open toe shoes with a blocky 2.5 inch heel that fit me very well, but I couldn’t manage the buckle on the strap (buckle too small and on the outside of the shoe making it difficult for me to see what I was doing).  I found a few trans/CD specialty stores that might normally have stocked larger sizes, but the Covid-caused supply chain problems haven’t yet permitted the sellers to restock.

        So what’s a girl to do?  Hoping you might have an answer.


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          DeeAnn Hopings

          One point:

          Did you try to fasten the buckle in the last hole first and then put the shoes on? That what I do as I have the same problem. It may take several passes side to side to work the strap over the fleshy part of the heel, but if the shoe fits, you’ll get there.

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            DeeAnn, thank you. I never thought to try that, but I surely will. I did try to find strap extenders, even going to the shoe manufacturers, without success. There are some things listed as such on the internet, but I found the colors and strap widths to be unacceptable.

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            Hey Bobbie,  As a costumer I am always modifying things and shoes are no different even though I’m a 9 myself.  If you can find a shoe that your foot really likes but the strap isn’t ok then perhaps go to a leather shop or shoemaker and ask to have a new strap made or grafted and dyed.  I’ve even gone to a thrift shop just to find a strap in size and color that I liked and cut it out for grafting later.  Professional dancers are always rebuilding their shoes because they get ripped up.  While you are at the thrifts try on a million shoes to try and find a fit you can live with.  Then remember the name and style and size and search the net for a replacement.  Used shoes can be pre-stretched so they may even be more comfortable for you to dance the night away.  Always spray a used shoe with foot spray or disinfectant to be sure that you don’t pick up a problem later.  Also, I just searched    size 14 womens pumps    and also     14/Woman’s Pumps/ Woman’s Shoes      and got a ton of hits including some very nice/solid looking  shoes, so perhaps there’s hope.  Good luck,  Marg

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            Marg, thank you for your thoughtful reply. All good suggestions. As you discovered, searching the web for those search parameters will generate a lot of hits. The reality, however, is that for those hits, yes the shoe description will include the big sizes, but there is no inventory. I’ve spent countless hours digging down into individual shoe pages that seemed very promising only to find the size was out of stock or completely discontinued. So frustrating!!!

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            DeeAnn Hopings

            Before you go through the expense of having leatherwork done, check to see if there is enough room in the length of the strap to add a hole. Maybe, maybe not. However, if you can comfortably add another hole, that may be enough to address your situation. Small hammer, small nail and a wood block to rest on is all you need…

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            Hi Bobbie,  That search  that I used and got the first page of 200 shoes from Amazon was like this.

            In Google search I typed exactly           size 14 womens pumps                    and  then a return

            then I got on the third line down of results and I got exactly this
            <h3 class=”LC20lb MBeuO DKV0Md”>14 / Women’s Pumps / Women’s Shoes</h3>
            with a line of 7 colored pumps and clicked on that pic and got to an Amazon page listing all the shoes that I saw in size 14 and they said that they were available.  I’m not your size but I clicked on the size 14 box under each shoe and found they said they were in inventory and able to be sold.  I hope something will work for you.  Marg









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            DeeAnn, thanks for the suggestion about the shoe straps.  As you had suggested, I buckled the shoes and was able to get them on with the help of a shoe horn.  I was so happy to see my pink toe nails in the open-toe ankle-strap heeled sandals that had been collecting dust on the donation pile.  Bobbie

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            DeeAnn Hopings

            Fortunately I don’t have to use a shoe horn. The sizing is close enough that 3 or 4 sweeps with a finger is enough to work past the soft tissue. I have very few with heel straps or closed toe and heel. The majority of my shoes are slides with wedge heels. It’s a desert thing!

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          I’m sorry, I really don’t have any really good advice. Annie’s faves were a pair of “men’s” blue racing (car) shoes. She wore those things out, she said they were very comfy. She’s been gone for 11 years, so I don’t recall where she bought them. But if I were you, I’d check with some sites for CDs. They can be very resourceful, they’re gonna dress up no matter what!
          I wear a size 10 and have very touchy feet, so I have the same kind of challenge. Can’t wear high heels or boots anymore.
          Best wishes

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I agree with the comment about surgeries in general. We never know exactly how things are going to go, so medicine is known as an inexact science. I don’t believe that there is anything such as a trivial surgery.

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      Hi Dion.
      Based on the early responses, it seems likely there will not be a reasonable medical/surgical procedure for reducing the size of your foot. Therefore, with the hope I’m not breaking rules or offending anyone, I’d like to suggest we redirect this topic to one of finding fem shoes for seriously big feet.
      I need a ladies size 14, and haven’t been able to find anything other than flimsy ballet flats and men’s fem-looking sneakers/trainers. I’m not looking for anything other than traditional, conservative pumps and/or open-toe, heeled shoes. If you share my frustration or if you have found a source of such shoes, please reply. If you have such shoes and might be willing to sell them, please contact me via PM.
      Hugs to all you girls,

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        DeeAnn Hopings

        There are many here who have the same problem, so I would expect more responses over time. I would also suggest checking:


        They do have a Fashion section over there whereas we don’t.

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      Hello Dion,

      Welcome to our TransGender Heaven (TGH) site: A Transgender Support Site. We are a wonderful, accepting, loving, helpful community where you can be safe and be yourself.

      You can read about the knowledge and experiances of others on a similar path by reading articles and in the forums and chatting in chat rooms.
      My hope is that you will become comfortable here and make many new friends.
      Glad you are here. Looking forward to seeing you on the site.
      Terri Anne, Ambassador

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      Dana Munson

      OK, ladies, a simple Google search of”Women’s shoes size 14″ revealed two leads:

      Onlymaker   https://onlymaker.com

      Shoe Mall.   https://shoemall.com

      Good hunting!   Me, I can get by with a women’s 12 W, which exist in a wide variety of styles on the Shoes For Less website and other comparable web places . . . and even occasionally at my local Nordstrom Rack outlet.

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      Ok, that’s a two yuk yuk joke, “ a run in” with the podiatrist”

      YUK YUK

      I neither have heard of any procedures available in Canada either. They do reconstructive work from say accidents. Good luck in your search.

      large size heels with a heel? Go to “ show show mega” they have tons of ‘em!

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        Thanks Jill.  I did find several options.  Now to choose.  Bobbie

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      hello girls 🙂

      I don’t know of the surgeries, but I’ve had good luck with cushionaire brand shoes n Torrid carries wide n large shoes dear. and the clerks have been delightfully welcoming.  good luck darling.

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      thank you for the ideas. I just returned a cute pair of yellow 6 inch heels today because they fit well..except for the dang ankle strap was made for a finger not an ankle. I’ll use these tips cause I have a hunch they’re comming back to me as a final sLe n return not allowed. oh well.


      thanks girls

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