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      Hi all, I’m fairly new here and first time posting.  I had RFF phalloplasty, urethroplasty, scrotoplasty, and vaginectomy on Oct 9th 2020 and I have had so many complications.  Still in pain daily, primarily nerve pain as I had nerve connection as well, but also from problems with my urethra. I have nerve damage in my hand and pins and needles feeling in hand and fingers.  But I can handle that it is more annoying then anything.

      Its the daily pain in my scrotum as it prevents me from living life.  I have urine leakage from my penis but urinate through a catheter port from my abdomen.   My lower right leg and foot is swollen from the nerve reconnect that they took from my leg.

      I have been out of work since October but hope to find work soon.  I have bills piling up but still unsure how I am going to work with the pain and urine leakage.  I am currently living with family and feel like I am a burden and my pride was hurt.

      I am resting now for the day and probably tomorrow as well because I can’t take the pain anymore.  I have med for nerve pain but it doesn’t erase the pain it just eases it.  I have leads on 2 jobs in mental health which is what I have done for the past 20 years and its hard to try to transition into something else.  I have been looking at driving jobs because I am usually pain free when driving or have minimal pain.  Walking for any distance causes excruciating pain. I think I am just venting and seeing if anyone else has dealt with post surgery complications and what helped you cope.  Thanks. Wrigley

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      Michelle Lawson

      Shaun, sorry I can’t be of more help that suggesting you check out the FtM Chatroom and ask some of the other’s. I’m 180 degrees opposite of you. If you look in Social -> Member Directory, you can search for other people that may be near by. Or under Places -> Local Places, you can search for all sorts of things that may be near you.  Oh, and don’t forget about digging through the Articles and Forums. Loads of information there. Hugs, Michelle

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