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      So I’m a closeted trans male. I’ve been questioning my gender from an early age and only now in my 20s has it become clearer to me that I am indeed trans. Though there’s one thing that’s been bugging me through my whole questioning phase.

      I still want to carry a child.


      Sounds crazy, right? Men don’t typically want to give birth and I’ve never met a trans male that feels this way too. I’ve just always thought the act of bringing a child into the world was such a beautiful thing that many trans and infertile women would kill for. I haven’t medically transitioned so perhaps it’s the estrogen that giving me these feelings. I’m torn because I do feel like I’ll be more comfortable living as male but I really don’t want to miss out on this part of life.


      Does this make me less of a male?

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      Wanting to carry a baby to term doesn’t make you less a male.  Many men want children, and some like myself would love to be able to carry a baby to term.  I am a transgender-woman, but I was a male for many years, and I always wanted a family.  I only fantasized being the mother by birth.  I don’t think I wasn’t a man; I did a lot of amazing man stuff.  Of course, that is not the real basis of being a man: both being a man and being a woman is as much about attitude.

      As I really believe in my female self, I am sure you believe in your male self.  It is a total gift that you can become the man you want to be, and have a baby also.  There are numerous questions you need to answer: Do you want to have a baby AND care for the baby for 20-plus years as the child’s father? (I think that is do able and GREAT!!)

      How will you balance transition to male, and to what degree of transition following the birth of your child?

      Prioritizing your life’s goals with the needs of the child is a complex task that sane people would take very seriously.  Of course, 98% of all new parents aren’t sane, and just have babies!!

      You can have both worlds…that is so totally cool!


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      Hi Logan,

      I’m also FTM and though I personally don’t want to carry/birth children it does not make you “less of a man”! Lots of trans men have given birth and they are still men (even while on Testosterone). I havne’t met them myself but, you can find videos about it on YouTube. So, it is possible just do what makes you happy and try not to worry about what other people say (I know easier said than done).

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