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      I’m not looking to start any wars, but I think that we can do better. If we are trying to fit in this society then maybe we should behave in a more acceptable manner. What transpired at the White House should not have happened. It only stirred things up even further. Hugs Katie

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      Michelle Lawson

      Katie, it reminds me of a couple of things. One, you get more with honey than you do with vinegar, and two, you cook the frog not by putting him in a hot pan, but by putting him in a cold pan and slowly turning up the heat. Sorry Mr. Frog! Anyway, I too am of a mind that sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. But I suspect this is something that most groups and communities face from time to time. There are some that just want to rush forward  because ‘we want it and we want it now’. With age, comes the experience that gives us a better perspective of just how fast things can be tolerated. So no, no war shall be started anytime there is thoughtful and respectful discourse. That is the hallmark that will cause us to be a force to be reckoned with. Hugs, Michelle

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      Dancing like that is perfectly fine at Mardi Gras in NOLA, but not at the White House. Likewise, it is fine at most Pride events, but not at the White House.

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      I’m ashamed of some of the things I see happening.  I am also concerned about a future backlash.  The pendulum never stops in the middle, and forcing trans ideology on society is setting us up for problems in the future.  No one likes something forced upon them and I see this happening right now.

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        Where is this being forced on others. Being ourselves in whatever manner fits us isn’t forcing it on others. That’s what they are trying to do to us…force us to act CIS. _THAT_ is something that is bad. Choice of personal expression in this case might not have been the best, but it’s not forcing others to be trans. Or even to accept that we are trans. Crawling back in the closet and not being ourselves is what they want, and is directly opposed to us being ourselves.

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      Liz K

      Montoya became the poster girl for the anti-trans crowd with that stupid stunt.

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      Amen. Our global future is in our hands. How we educate the masses is up to us. This display does nothing to help in achieving our goals.

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      I agree wholeheartedly. At a minimum, her’s was a childishly selfish attention getting act. At worst, its the kind of behavior that our adversaries hope we will exhibit. I was appalled by it.

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      How I see it:
      If you build a sandcastle on the beach without thought, the tide will come in and wash it away, all you can do is watch. You can’t stop it or save it…but you don’t give up. Tomorrow, with more knowledge, you move further up the beach and start again. It’s easier to build it the second time than the first. We learned from our innocence.

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        Michelle Lawson

        Absolutely Alex. Tonight, at midnight, today will be officially closed in each of our history books. Hopefully, we met and at least engaged all the challenges and opportunities, we faced today. Because that will help strengthen our foundation for the challenges and opportunities we face tomorrow. Today is not to be wasted. Let the other person waste theirs; but never waste yours’. Otherwise, tomorrow’s sandcastle will be in the same place, and experience the same fate, as the last one.

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        So true, hopefully we also learn from others missteps.
        Hugs Katie

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      I’ve literally no idea what happened, nor do I care. What I do know is that nothing we do to portray us in a positive light will change the opinions of the bigots.

      They hate us and want us liquidated. That is gone. Let’s not pretend they have a reasonable objection to us.

      It’s basic hatred fuelled by cynical politicians with an eye to publicity and popularity.

      We are the Jews to the Nazis, Blacks to the KKK. Women to the Misogynists.

      No reasonable discussion is possible.

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      [postquote quote=138766]

      What on earth is transgender ideology? We’re not an ideology. There is no such thing as transgenderism. We are not forcing an ideology on anyone. We just want to be accepted.

      That’s all.

      It tragic when a trans person actually believes the lies told about us. You have no reason to be ashamed. No transgender woman is forcing anything. It’s a lie spread by bigots, religious and political. You of all people should know better.

      We are not an ‘ism’. We’re just people. None of us are part of an organisation or a movement. We have no agenda. So yes some of us go too far. But there is no such thing as a militant transgender group intent on changing the world.

      99% of us just wish we can live our lives as the person we are and be left alone to do it.

      But the bigots have targeted us. We are the enemy. Nothing we say or do will change that.

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