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      This is a question from a parent, who needs your guy’s help, can you help with some of your experience with this issue. Thank you guys!

      My Daughter came out at 12 years old and said he wanted to be Male, I thought something was wrong a few years before, however I now knew why he would always cover up on holiday and keep changing cloths to look male, even going as far as stuffing socks you know where, we got registered at Tavistock in London and after the certainty was made clear that Cole as he is now know as from Nicole wanted to be Male he was then put on Testosterone, At the Age then of 18 he was desperate to get his top half removed I paid privately as the waiting list was so long, he had the operation at Harrow by a surgeon from Harley street London.

      He was so happy then got himself a girl friend as was registered at the Adult centre in London waiting for the bottom half to be done.

      He is now 23 and keeps putting up barriers as to why he wont get this done, time off work, unable to pay bills, cant leave his dogs, wont see his girl friend as he says he will be in hospital for weeks,

      What I want to know is what is the next step, Hysterectomy followed by the bottom half done, can this be completed all in one operation, if so how long in Hospital and what is the Recovery time?


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      As a female wishing to become male myself, I would also like to know more about all this. I honestly don’t know what any of the procedures are, hormones, reassignment surgery, any of it. I’ve just barely talked about my gender dysphoria with my counselor that I see for depression and anxiety and don’t know anything about transitioning. So I hope someone helps you so I can eavesdrop on the conversation. I wish you and your son the best of luck. Thank you so much for making this topic. I’m sorry I couldn’t help.

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      I have no reference myself being MTF, but I do have Google.  LOL.  I did a search on “guidance for FTM transition” and found quite a few sites some of which seemed to have comprehensive listings.  Being as it seems to be a relatively nascent subject it might be a good idea to start researching these and sharing what works and wha doesn’t here.  We don’t claim to be the authorities in these subject, but I’m sure others who follow you here would appreciate the input.  My 2 cents worth.

      Hugs, Cloe

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      I have been researching sex changges for a long time but not paid much attention to the female to male side. With  receiving the odd qustions about this, I will look into the matter so I may be able to be more informative in this issue. Thank you for the lead in.

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      Tami W

      The number one concern I have heard from my trans man friends, has been that the bottom surgery that is currently available, is not as technologically advanced as the MtF surgery.  Because of this and the ability to use a strap on, all but one have opted not to have bottom surgery at this time.  They have had top surgery and hysterectomy’s performed, but opted to forego bottom surgery.

      The procedure for FtM involves several things.  Testicular implants are put in, with the existing vaginal lips becoming the scrotal sack.  The penis is created by the use of skin grafts from other places of the body, and involves numerous rounds of grafting.  The grafts are placed around a prosthetic insert which is then either pumped up, or has a rod inserted to create an erection.  There is no current methodology for creating or transplanting erectile tissue.  The clitoris is relocated to the tip of the penis.  This surgery is at least 3x more expensive than GCS for a MtF person, typically exceeding 100,000 US Dollars.  Because of the cost involved, the inability to achieve a natural erection, and limitations on size, plus the risks involved with multiple rounds of skin grafting, a lot of trans men opt to skip this surgical procedure.

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