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      So I’m considering using supplements to grow breasts, and PM and BO seem to be the way to go from my research. I picked up Swanson Ovarian Glandular 250mg and Max Strength Pueraria Mirifica 1000mg. I haven’t taken either yet and was wondering a few thing.

      1) Should I use one, the other, or both?

      2) What dosage would be both safe to prevent blood clots yet still affective?

      3) How fast will changes take place? It’s coming to summer, and I would prefer not to see major development until Fall.

      Also for context, I’m taking (2) Reishi 10:1 500mg pills a as an anti-androgen and consuming about 1-2 table spoons of Flaxseed meal a day for feminization. I won’t be seeing a therapist until end of month and won’t be able to get HRT for at least one year.

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      I like that you are supplementing with mushrooms and flax.

      You can safely continue those.

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      Thank you Crystal and Tia, love ya both <3

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      -V. Brato

      [postquote quote=129876]
      BO + PM are a popular combo. I took them for a few months and could not believe the results.


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        I think you and I are on the same wavelength. I have been taking PM and other phytoestrogens, etc, in various forms for the past couple of years. I have some positive results but nothing spectacular. I decided to take the next step, i.e. BO, well aware from forums that BO gives very different results and that it’s powerful enough not to be taken lightly. I’ve been taking PM as well as 4X250 Swanson’s BO per day for a month now, with no visible results at all — no breasts, no hair changes, no mood swings, no skin changes — nothing. It works well and fast for some people, but not at all for others. I’ll continue for the recommended 4 months starter period.

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      Hello. I was on PM for over a year with barely noticeable results. I also used topical creams with massage. Again, minimal results. I would not take anything internally without consulting a physician. I started using a breast pump and within a short time (2 months) I have breast growth. I made the mistake of pumping excessively and now have marks by my pits. I agree that the nipples tend to point downward. I use the pump for an hour a day and am very happy with the growth.

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      I began with with PM and BO about 8 years ago in addition to using breast pumps, massage and some creams and used them for about 3 or 4 years with very little visual results.  I decided about 2 1/2 years ago that I needed to find a different path because I wasn’t getting the results I was hoping for and secondly and most important, even though I did not have any negative indications I wanted to find a doctor to guide me through my process and monitor my overall health.  I am an very healthy person and intend to stay that way.  It was the best decision for me…..I found an incredible doctor that and after my first consultation I decided to begin HRT.  I have now been on HRT for almost 2 1/2 years and have had results in my breast growth that are beyond my expectations.  I am a small framed and had almost no breasts but since starting HRT my breast growth has been beyond my expectations and the other feminizing changes that I have experienced are also incredible.  My suggestion is find a  doctor that has the experience and background to insure your best results and insure your overall health is good also. I wish you all the best in your journey and your health!

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      looks like lots of good ideas from the others here. I’ll echo one thought about supplements..I asked my pcp n he said its all junk, don’t waste your money, go to gender clinic n get fda approved medications dear. so that’s my plan

      tried pumping..did it excessively once the one actually sucked it up to firm a breast… I’ve stopped that..fir now  but I hear it loosens the flesh which helps down the road

      good luck dear. hugs

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      I have written to this forum a couple of times about my quest for feminizing my body — usually with negative results. Nothing seemed to work. Indeed, the Healthline website insists that nothing, short of surgery, can work: not pills, not creams, not physotestrogens, nothing.

      I plowed ahead and tried all sorts of methods, especially phytoestrogen pills and creams, which had only slight effects. I learned that some of these supplements that are advertised as estrogen boosters, especially fenugreek and maca root, are more hormone <i>balancers</i> than estrogen enhancers. They are even sometimes advertised as <i>testosterone </i>enhancers. The truth seems to be that, as balancers, they may increase your testosterone or your estrogen.

      I went in for some stronger solutions, notably bovine ovary and estradiol pills. They didn’t work either. In fact, a strange result of the estradiol was that it actually <i>decreased</i> my desire to be more feminine. I just didn’t care anymore. But then, after I stopped the estradiol, my desire returned, and I returned to phytoestrogens, of which pueraria mirifica appears to be the most popular.

      By the way, pueraria creams are often marketed as applicable directly to the breasts or buttocks. However, feminization occurs through systemic, I.e. internal, hormone changes. So I apply creams to thin-skinned places like my inner wrists on inner thighs. I figure that this beats capsules, which must pass through the filter of the liver before entering the bloodstream. I was skeptical about taking medicine through the skin until I heard about how the Russians poisoned that guy by putting the poison in his underwear. That’s why I have become a fan of essential oils.

      I also started taking aguaje, which may be the, or at least one, reason for my recent progress. Not well known, it may be your best bet for curve-building.

      The other side of the hormonal coin is testosterone blocking, or rather, blocking the transformation of testosterone into DHT. One of the postings on your website suggested that undergoing an orchidectomy drastically aided the growth of breasts. This suggests to me that testosterone reduction may be stronger than estrogen increase in feminizing the body shape.

      This is the basis for taking saw palmetto, which I do religiously, but which does not have much effect. I moved up to finasteride. This is harder to obtain, because it usually requires a prescription. Various websites suggest 1 mg for growing more hair on your head, but 5 mg for prostate shrinking (which I need anyway). So just recently I moved up from 1 mg to 5 mg per day.

      (I should add that the other hair-growth medication, monoxidil, doesn’t at all work the same way as finasteride, and should not be considered a substitute in feminization.)

      So with these two additions to my regimen — aguaje and finasteride — my body shape has changed, not a great deal, but noticeably. I realize that all bodies are different, and different treatments will have different effects on some people from others. But at least I can relate what worked and what didn’t work for me.

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      my guess is Brenda had the fondation here..get to z good doc n go from there

      good luck dear


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      Thanks Tia, a long but worthwhile article. I’m glad I waited to start taking either, sounds like it would be better to throw them in the trash than self sabotage and cause potential long term damage. I’m curious, do you think the vacuum pump helps in achieving the right shape if used lower like you described? It isn’t clear if you gained the desired result or not. Many thanks😘

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