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      If you are questioning if you are too old, or too masculine,Β  or too anything to be trans, please read Yes, You Are Trans Enough by Mia Violet. I can’t recommend this book enough!


      I had been struggling to accept that I was trans because of so many different reasons. I was 51. I never hated my penis. I liked women. So why was I so unhappy and why was being trans the answer to my problems? This book helped me find the way and made me realize that none of the reasons I had for not accepting my trans-ness was that I wasn’t trans. They were just reasons why it wouldn’t be an easy path for me.

      The book follows the author’s journey through periods of doubt and Dysphoria to acceptance and bravery. I can’t really do it justice. Just go read it!


      Anyone have other good books to recommend?Β  My second choice would be She’s Not There by Jennifer Finney Boylan

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      Thank you, Renee.Β  I’m curious to hear what others have to contribute.Β  Perhaps with enough participation we can turn this into a site feature.

      Hugs, Cloe

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      Oh my! I’ve only read the introduction and chapter one so far of Yes, You Are Trans Enough and I am already feeling much better about myself. Thank you for the recommendation.

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        Glad to hear you are enjoying the book Jasmine! The author also has a Twitter account that is definitely worth following @OhMiaGod .

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      I read She’s Not There this year. I found it relaxing in how laid back Jenny made her transition sound. I remember she was in a band and even kept singing through it all. People around her loved her, despite their concerns, and she continued on even being a professor at a college. There’s a ton of study questions at the back of it, totally a teacher thing, and I answered them to her email. She emailed me back and I got to chat a bit with her. Jenny Boylan is awesome! She has a column in the New York Times every week. I included her links below. Big time success story and worth following.

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      From: Yes, You Are Trans Enough…

      “…but looking like you’re cis is certainly not the root of happiness and not the reason to transition.”

      I just bought the book and this line here was worth the cost of it. I’ve been struggling with this sentiment in my head for at least a year. I love love this book! It’s written on point, way real, honest and has so much grace in it! I look forward to finishing it this week or maybe even tomorrow.

      Thanks, Renee, for the suggestion! Hugs and smiles…

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      Miriya Paris

      Hello, I ordered the book right away and will let you know in a month or so how much I liked it Renee.  😜



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