Runs in the family?

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    Aoife Mary M.

    When you start realising you’re trans, it must be natural to wonder about others close to you, right?

    For some reason, I had this feeling about my dad as soon as I started really knowing something was up with me as a kid. I have said the ONLY reason I would ever talk to him again is if he came out as trans. Not that it would excuse his horrible parenting, but I know how much it would free her and make her relatable.

    Lately, I’ve been seeing more of him at my age, especially as I accept myself as a trans fem. I used to not be bothered by my body hair, now I want a lot of it gone. I want to get in better shape, especially gaining a butt and being able to look good in the clothes I prefer. I am 34. At 36, my dad god into cycling and triatholon. He shaved his legs and more, wore spandex, and probably got a better butt. Not that I would notice. Why else could this all be happening!?

    Even when I was more comfortable around boys than girls, I could tell his discomfort being with other dads. It looks just like how I must look now.


    He’s the big one, but when I look at egg_irl I start seeing my brother’s traits in there too. He was pretty hostile about any time I would embrace the feminine, maybe more than anyone else. I was pretty okay with seeming “gay,” but he was not. He does a lot of things that I see as very gay, like be in a fraternity.


    Anyone else had suspicions like that?

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      As far as I know, nothing has been conclusively proven. There are some indications maybe, but not solid proof.

      I remember seeing some studies of gay siblings and even twins, in terms of life experience and not physiology. What I remember is that there didn’t seem to be a clear pattern. There were gay and straight siblings and sometimes all siblings were gay or all straight and the same variations for twins. To me the interesting thing is how twins turned out as they were raised in the same situation and in the same time frame. Anyway, last I saw it just wasn’t conclusive…

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      Hi everyone

      I am JoAnne. I am transgender woman and so is son (daughter). Everything she is came from me, however, we do dress differently, I am enjoy my slutty phase, I have a very nice body my daughter is tall and slender but she prefers to dress like a prude but she is very pretty. I study sociology and it turns out that being transgender is a result of the atria being affected during the brain development especially in regards to hormones and sexual identity. The Syria of a trans woman’s brain are the size of a woman whereas the stria of a trans man is the exact same size as that of a male.

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      BTW, I don’t think transgenderism runs in my family.  But, I do think my transgenderism is related to my being intersex, and various pituitary problems do seem to have run in my family.  My mother’s aunt was very late starting puberty (as was I).  And, my mother’s brother was infertile too (as am I).

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      I suppose it depends on the fraternity, but mine wasn’t gay at all.  It was a good group of guys.  They even accepted me (obviously I was in the closet regarding my gender), though I was noticeably different.  I don’t think I came across as “gay” at all, rather as quiet, withdrawn, secretive, and a heavy drinker.   I suspect it was obvious I was hiding something, but no one seemed to assume it was my gender or my sexual orientation (I am a Lesbian).

      I told a couple of brothers (who I was closer to) that I was a lesbian.  They just smiled and said “yeah, me too.”  I didn’t think any of them were serious, and they didn’t seem to consider the possibility that I was serious.

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