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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I am a Sagittarius. One of our core qualities is optimism. Throughout my life I have felt this and it has carried me through some difficult times. However, news like this is very painful:

      While I did not know Ms. Carleton, several of my Democrats club members did.

      Sad times, indeed…

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      Michelle Lawson

      DeeAnn, I ready that, and looked at the website of the business she ran. Since reading that, a million emotions and thoughts have gone through my head. And all of them have the same basic question of; why? Every human, regardless of anything, should feel the pain of the loss of anyone. But now, all we can do, is remember, and hope and pray that maybe, just maybe, this senseless act will be a catalyst to make it better. Maybe not, but I have to remain hopeful.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      It begs the question:

      If they do that to an ally, what would they do to us?

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      Amy Myers

      Yes, that even made the news here in Canada! Pretty terrible how some people react.

      Your comment is quite right, and scary to think about!


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      The Veteran in me is grieving right now. My guts feel like they’re being torn apart as I look upon our nation and feel like it, too, is being torn in half. One half: full of bigotry, hate and hypocrisy. The other half: full of love, compassion and tolerance. This tear is becoming so bold and deep that I don’t see how we, as a nation, can sew our society back together. We are asking totally opposing moral and philosophical viewpoints to honor and respect the other. Yet, as a trans MTF, how can I possibly look upon someone who wants me dead with respect for their views. It is literally impossible. And the beliefs of the radical right are so engrained in their morality and religious dogma that asking them to acknowledge our existence and tolerance is like asking them to become evil and mock their god. I just do not see a peaceful end to this division. My heart is both furious and weeping right now.

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      I cannot wrap my brain around the thought that someone, anyone, has the ability to hate to a degree which requires them to kill someone because they may disagree with someone else’s personal beliefs and expressions. Just how insane do you need to be to do something like this? Why not just kill yourself? You must be mentally eating up inside with rage and hatred and killing someone else certainly won’t ease the pain, not for long at best. Maybe we need to educate the public through ad campaigns, if you feel the need to shoot someone, try shooting yourself first. Maybe crazy deserves crazy.

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