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      • Since I was a little girl I never felt comfortable with dolls at all I always like playing with boy toy and when I was in elementary school I had a crush on a lot of girl but didn’t know how to tell them so I keep it to myself and when I got to high school my manly side come up out of me and I started talking to girl and I had my first kiss by a female.
      • one day my family know something was wrong with me when they start trying to hook me up with guy I felt that my family was going to hate me a lot so I told my sister and my sister was happy for me but I felt that I was scared again.
      • i want to get a sex change when I was little but my mom would let me so I wait when I was 18 and never got it done so now I am 26 year old I don’t know if I am making the right decision but I am I treat of being use and treated wrong I be ask question like why you cut your hair ,you ugly to be with a female, and I shouldn’t do it I tried it my life and I want to be a man so bad.
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      Hi Latia

      I find your comments very interesting because they are so similar. My Dad died when I was 3. My Sister is 8 years older. Growing up Mom seemed more at ease & I was with Her in a female environment.  My Mom let me wear her aprons and other  female attire. Currently underdress daily and sleep femme


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      wishing you all the luck and love your story is touching


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      My best advice is do things that make you feel confortable regardless of masculine or female impression. However some of the first things I did were get a binder, haircut, lower ur voice, stand with a wider stance,  see a therapist to start hrt, use mascara on peach fuzz if u want facial hair before hrt kicks in, get an STP if u want one. Most of all do what makes you feel comfortable being you💙🤍💜

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      Glad you made it here!

      I think the thing to remember is that our journeys are a process. It is not an overnight deal to bring our minds and body into alignment. It takes conscious thought and planning to reach the goal. You are not the first and you won’t be the last.

      Please complete you Profile page when you have time. It helps people to get to know you and how you are doing.

      Also, Sex Change is an old term. These days it is usually called gender affirmation surgery or gender confirmation surgery…

Viewing 4 reply threads
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