Silicone breast forms: what’s your experience?

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      I currently use silicone breast forms inside a bra. I’ve notice a different approach available, that I’ve seen listed by many suppliers on eBay, which is a more extensive form that covers the chest completely. Has anyone used this? There is a choice of two fillers for them – cotton or silicone – and I’d love to learn what other trans women think of the differences.

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>I dont need to use them</p>

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      I believe what your are referring to are “breast plates”. I’ve never used them, and to my knowledge I’ve never seen anyone out in public using one, either. They seem more aimed at photography options in my mind. There are straps over the shoulders and up the neck. At some point there is an edge of the breast plate that needs to be covered. Doing so in a non-posed manner would seem challenging. Not to mention the heat and “glow” (we don’t “sweat”… ūüôā ) from wearing a silicone top.

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        I’m not sure that I would know if someone else is wearing one of these. The version I was looking at was not up to the neck but over the shoulders, which would not be visible. I don’t know what it would feel like to wear silicone on the skin, but most of the year here in north-east England it is not hot – it’s more a matter of keeping warm enough.

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      Dana Munson

      Hi! I presently use fairly high quality silicone breast forms by Nearly Me. A bit expensive, yes, but they give an excellent shape and are quite comfortable. In breast forms, “Ya gets what ya’s pays for,” as Popeye might say. As Evelyn mentions, those pull-on, all-in-one “breast plate” gadgets can look appealing on the Internet, but they present some practical issues in real life. If you’ve got the money to burn, you can try them out – they may work for you in your circumstances. Me, I live in So. California, and the idea of having my upper torso wrapped in rubber during summer heat is, well, not appealing in the least! Of course, once the hormones kick in and get a chance to work for a while, I hope I’ll be able to put the forms away forever. But that day is a little ways off yet.

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        Here in cold north-east England, the idea of insulating my upper body is extremely appealing!

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      I have never tried on either. I suspect side from being hot and sticky, you have the arms and meck and waist to content with. For a night out maybe, not for daily use for me. Years ago a company made a full suit with hips, legs, it all. Imagine trying to get that puppy on and off.  Hello talcum powder

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        DeeAnn Hopings

        Actually, a while back there was mention of talc being a possible carcinogen. There are still some talc-based products available, but they are being replaced by powdered cornstarch. Several years ago when I bought my Pals breast forms (Supergel Products), they included a small bottle of powdered cornstarch. I was a bit surprised, so that is what led to doing a bit of research.

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      Emily Alt

      I have a fairly realistic silicone breast plate.¬† It attaches behind the neck so it’s cooler than the ones that are like a skin-tight shirt.¬† Still, it’s uncomfortably hot to wear in most conditions.¬† I rarely used it.¬† When I went on HRT I stopped wearing it entirely.¬† Ditto for my breast forms.¬† All I need now is a good padded bra to show off my growing bustline!


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      Hi all,

      New here, this a question i have been struggling with. I just came out recently and i mocked up some forms with a stuffing material. Now i have big plus lady frame, with 46 band size, These are the ones i have picked out for myself. D cup self adhesive silicone breast forms.  I am not sure what type of bra to buy with to start, and really need some advice. Also i am not sure if i will stick them on all the time or just inside my bra. So any input advice would very much appreciated.

      Thank you.


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        As for what type of bra, I use bras that do not show the form at all, no lines. Underwire, with soft stretchy cups and wide straps. Delta Burke are really nice.

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        hello and welcome dear.

        I’ll offer my 2 cents but you’ll find lots of great advice from the ladies here, this is a wonderful place to be n ask our questions. I’m so happy it’s here, I found it n now you have too. ūüėČ

        ok so 2 comments.

        1. i thought I was bigger than I am until a recent sizing by a professional at a bra store. give it some thought, you’re sort of stuck buying something then even not at sale prices but you’ll make a friend n save time n money buying the wrong sizes.

        2. size of your forms. I have a large frame too dear, n I noticed some companies describe their forms as so many ccs/grams of weight n then something of a variable size chart depending on frame size..maybe 36dd, 38d¬† 40c, 42b etc. ..all for this 1 pair of forms.¬† I think what they know is cup size seems to be big or small relative to your frame. so I have 2 sizes of silicone forms, d n did, but on my frame, the d looks like a nice b or c, n ddds look like a d or dd.¬† so consider that may want a bigger form for your frame, or not. I thought I looked conservative with smaller ones, but hell, I want my breasts to jut out n help my hourglass figure take shape, so I’ve started using the larger size regularly. whatever works for you dear.

        3. glue. I tried gluing each size 1 time. it worked better on smaller forms. not well the bigger n heavier your forms get. another method I’ve used is I think DeeDee suggested, a good full coverage bra so my bust shape shows nicely but not my cleavage.¬† in time. I usually wear tight lace camisole over to use as backup in case wardrobe malfunction, or I also have used the pocket bras to hold my forms on n a second good bra for lift etc. either way works better for me than glue, but others may have glued successfully.¬† hood luck




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          DeeAnn Hopings

          The breast form manufacturers and retailers have information on which sizes can be glued. Above a certain point the forms get too heavy and overpower the glue.

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            thank you. I should have thought it through more, but got caught up in the I’d like to go braless too once in awhile¬† and well…giggles. thank you dear


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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Over time, probably no more than 2 years, I punctured forms from Janet’s Closet and from Amazon. I tried patching with silicone sealant and tape but those were just temporary solutions.

      Tired of that, I purchased a set from SuperGel Products that are sold under the name of Pals. The company is based about an hour from my home. Their products are solid silicone. There is no gel or skin. You can sleep in them with no problems. They claim a 10 year life and after 5 years, I have no reason to doubt them.

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      I have been wearing Amoena breast forms for the past decade now.   I presently have 3 pairs in sizes 7 and 8.   One pair is the self-adhering Comfort Contact Light, which I wear under summer tops that have spaghetti straps.

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      Breast forms, OMG long long ago in a far off universe I used to use bird seeds in cut up stockings. ¬†All my friends used to joke I was going to get attacked by a flock. Actually kind of miss them, nice perky shape but they got weevils. Any who a friend gave me hers when her own breasts started to fill in. Old school silicone ones, think they were triangle shaped. I have tried a few different types and shapes but I found silicone ones that fit into a full coverage bra worked best, and tear drops, plus I liked the ones that could be glued in place as I tend to not wear a bra if I can help it. I did blow a thousand bucks back in the day for a perfect skin tone glue on to match with little hand painted freckles and vanishing edges silicone forms. These were very realistic but also had a bigger back profile and they tended to get sweaty if I was doing much. As this is a PG site I won’t post a photo but people could not tell unless about a foot away from them and I was topless. I have never tried a breast plate or shirt or full body suit type but my guess is hot and sticky for everyday use unless just bedroom play or photo shoots and even then but vanishing edges and perfect skin tone would be a must for me if I had to do this option. If not the edges are going to show unless you cover with something, and if you go that far mine as well cover you bra straps and stuff, even for swimming you can get a full coverage suit to hold all in place. ¬†However there are other areas to consider when wearing a skimpy swimsuit or skin hugging stuff.



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      In the past, I’ve tried several options:
      1. Adhesive bra; nubra or equivalent. It gives nice cleavage, but can’t be worn every day with causing skin irritation (at least for me).
      2. Two (or three) bras on top of each other. Not bad cleavage, but a pain to wear. Multiple bra straps have a much higher chance of skin irritation.
      3. Non-adhesive bra forms. (The ones that I tried were made by nubra.) These were better than the adhesive ones, but sometimes slid around.
      Of these, the third option was best, but still not perfect. Then I came across a you tube post from a trans woman, using an “add two cup sizes” bra. Fantastic option!
      There are two great features:
      First, cost. I can’t afford many of the things at the “transwoman store”, because I live on Social Secuirity. The “Smart & Sexy” brand has an “add two cup sizes” bra for about $20, and I’ve been their customer for several years.
      Second, naturalness. I can be 100% girl with nothing more than a push up bra! In addition, the feel is fantastic. I have a constant reminder that I’m all girl, all the time!
      Note that I wear this bra virtually 24-7. I wear it even to sleep; the only time that I’m not wearing it is when I’m in the shower. This may have helped shape my breasts so that, with a push up bra, they look convincingly feminine.
      Also, I’ve posted something similar on several different forums, and I’ve never received a response. It would be interesting to find out how much the experiebces of others compared to mine.

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      hello. I have cotton forms I call sleep firms. they aren’t very large n there is no bounce, so I wear them to work out or sleep in.

      I use silicone forms, 2 sizes, D n DDD. I was wearing a form holding bra under a good Playtex full coverage bra, n often add a snug camisole which helps hold them in place. go with good bra but you can find Playtex or other name brands for less than 60 per. I think I usually buy a group when I see 20ish per. mine can glue on but I haven’t tried with size I worry they’ll fall off n I’m often changing to butch to see mom, so gluing becomes impractical..I usually wear I high necked shell under my blouse or button my blouse up pretty high to keep everything hidden.

      now working with vendor on getting swim forms from aomona to match in size n mastectomy suit too.

      hope this helped


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        DeeAnn Hopings
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          thank you. great link with good prices on Playtex. I shall gladly use it. also lucky enough to have a hanes/Playtex outlet close n a neat gal there who laughed n chatted with me the other day as we sized me n picked out a nice halter bra to go with a new dress i got recently….but I paid full price n that hurt. laughs. thank you all girls ūüėÄ

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      I’ve purchased dozens of breast forms, both foam and¬† silicone.¬†¬† I’ve not had much luck finding the right ones.¬† The descriptions are deceiving, as well as the photos.

      I purchased a breast plate but I had it half on and couldn’t get it all the way on.¬† I gained a lot of weight due to Diabetes, there was no way a ‘large’ was going to fit me.¬† I was once on HRT and I was once a 38-B naturally.¬†¬† I had a lot of bras which fit nicely with great cleavage.¬† But the weight increase caused me to buy larger band bras.¬† The problem with larger band bras is that the cups are larger too.¬† I now had to find a bra to fit my breasts, not only the large band.¬† But I never found one considered a B cup size, even though they were labeled as such.¬† A¬† b-cup would look more like a large C with larger band size.¬† They dont actually make an A cup with my larger band needs.¬† They label them as an A but the cups are always large like a large B size.

      About the breast plate, I had it and couldn’t wear it.¬†¬† Instead, I cut out the breasts from the plate to use them in bras that will accommodate them.¬†¬† The further problem is the position of the nipple is low, like a sagging breast would do, they do not sit centered in bra cups.¬† The breasts are quite stiff, they are full of cotton and silicone.

      I don’t always want a large protruding chest and still wanted to have the right forms to wear in my casual bras.¬† I saw a video on YouTube about making your own breast forms out of Play-Doh.¬† That is what I did,¬† I used 4- 4ounce cans for each breast instead of 2-4 ounce cans as they suggested.¬† You form the breast by hand like a small bowl, then insert into a ziplock bag (to keep it soft and malleable), then place the closed bag into a anklet or knee-high stocking and fold the extra nylon over it a few times.¬† Near perfection.¬† They look good and they’re weighty like a real breast, actually a bit overweight for their size.¬† But the appearance in most bras is very convincing.

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        Hello Meran, I see your plight, wish you were available for a shopping trip as I am sure we could fit you into something that looks good. It seems to me you have brought up a super important point, breast forms are only as good as your bra, or the other way around if you look at it. Every girl is different has a different body shape, muscle structure, etc. Here are some basic steps:

        Find you shape according to fashion and body type normals. The fashion industry has been fiddling with and narrowing down the perfect visual appealing female shape for hundreds of year, it will never be done of course as preferences change as generations change. However I found Kibbe’s method the best for categories of the 2020’s. ¬†Go watch a video, I like Aly Art, on the topic and determine you shape. Most of us MtF’s are more on the dramatic side of things due to our birth, but not always and lots of times we are typing to erase that birth dramatic-ism, best to work with it a bit vs fight it.

        Your breasts are part of your shape and anything outside of your type will look weird/unnatural. So time to go bra shopping, try on a few, try on a lot, get the department store girls (if they still do this) or Victoria Secret girls to measure you. Decide on perkiness, roundness, position, etc. Remember all bras are not made the same. As for the forms, you have to do the same for them as your bra, but basic tear drops can be positioned lots of ways and I found them the most universal. Generally you are going to need a full coverage bra to hold them in, unless you have the glue, but that can be a real mess. Meran as you also point out once you have a bit up front because of HRT or whatever the full forms no longer look right. You might need to try a booster form or half form. What I found for a more soft look is a sport bra with no under wire, they hold everything in but soften the edges, only issue is they are right where you put them not a lot of movement, plus they have no hang. For more bounce I use a cotton full coverage underwire with an old school tear drop silicone.

        Anything other the silicone tends to not move right and shape well with a bra. Foam, socks, bird seed, play doh (sry), cotton, etc just never moves correctly with your natural body. I found the forms with the extra sides/flaps for under the arm pits is too much for us MtF’s as we have a natural amount of side muscle there and it brings the mass to far over to the outside. Vanishing edges are good for glue on applications and topless photos and going braless but have a much greater sweat factor so not an all day type of thing, a few hours max. My guess the plates and body suits are the same.

        Hope this helps.




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      currently using Playtex or torrid bras.

      usually have a form holding bra under.

      have pocketed mastectomy swimsuit with another set of forms put on bathing suit with breasts in it..shower n put your other forms n bra back on. yes multiple sets plus keep √† spare set handy…swim set I went 1 size down to not tax my bathing suit as much. happy so far

      good luck girls


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