Similarites in what we deal with in both FtM and MtF transition


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      Hi everyone,

      I’ve been writing about my own MtF transition for over four years. My writing has changed in direction during the last couple of years as I have become more knowledgable and generally aware in this area and more, finding that my articles relate much more to overall life issues, that pretty much affect everyone. However, what we endur in deciding to transition is beyond anything that most people can understand, experience or come to terms with easily.

      I would like to invite discussion here to learn if my philosophy, psychology and basic thinking, founded by my own experiences of life and transition are well founded or not.

      For a quick recap of my life: chose to transition at the age of 63 after a lifetime of internal conflict and lack of self-understanding. Learning that the lack of love for myself was a major problem that evaded me for far too many years. Since accepting who I always have been has not only been spiritual and liberating beyond my imagination, where I have acheived great happiness and contentment. Discovering that I was able to take full control of my life and live how I choose. My SRS has been serioulsy delayed this year but have a new appointment to restart arrangements again in January next year.

      I would appreciate your input on this and thank you in adavance for you time and energy by indulging me in my post here.


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      Hello Sophie. I started my transition at the age of 60 and so I understand how things are when you have had to wait your entire life to live as yourself.  And as you know when we were young the chance that we could have transitioned at a young age like today’s youth would not have been possible. In several months I will finally be on my own and single and able to live as myself full time. I cannot keep from bubbling over with happiness and a sense of fulfillment with that day soon approaching.  Have a good day.

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        Thank you for taking the time for your input here which I am grateful for, I hear your story and wish you well in your own journey and acknowledging your contributoins to this community.

        However, my objective was to get responses from those who are FtM.

        My understanding of MtF is fine, but I wish to better understand our FtM members of the site, which is still relatively new and would like to see them more active across the site. Perhaps a few articles from them too.

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          Can someone tell me what BBCodes to format means? Im not tech savvy and new to TGH so trying to find my way around. Im FTM and looking to talk about all of it with anyone.

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            DeeAnn Hopings

            It’s nothing you have to worry about. For example, if you wanted to bold a word, you highlight it and then tap on the capital B in the menu above, so post would be post. It has translated the BBCode for you. You could also enter the BBCodes directly for the same effect. Look up BBCode in Wikipedia if you would like to know more…

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      [quote quote=89905]what[/quote]

      I will be on the look out for the responses that you get as it is an interesting topic. Intuitively, it would seem that there is a degree of similarity, but the reactions and responses would be different. Often the reflection of an issue (in the sense of looking at a mirror) is as instructive as the issue itself…

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