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      I guess this is the right sub forum for this, as its not actual physical changes, its more of creating a self image that fits with how we feel inside.
      My own journey has only just started so I’m still the same shape I’ve always been… sort of sausage shaped lol! Thankfully I am slim built, so have been trying different ways to give me those gorgeous feminine curves I want so much, by adding a little padding here and there. Its amazing what you can buy from Amazon nowadays. First off I think it was some bum-shaper shorts, and bum lift leggings. Both were great purchases, and added some much needed curves to my bum.
      Unfortunately I suffered with an unsightly bulge, the downside of tight leggings, so I put on a pair of cycling shorts, and they helped hide ‘the man’. After that all I needed was some hip padding (Amazon again!) and I have achieved a look that I feel will help me pass should I ever get the courage to go out. Oh, and lets not forget the corset top!
      This is all well and good during the winter, but I am going to sweat in the summer 🙂
      The main thing is, I am happy with my reflection, a reflection of my future self hopefully.
      It will be so much easier when I start to naturally develop these curves over the next couple of years.
      So, how many layers do you wear? 😉

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      Hum… I guess that I would have to be classified the crazy one. I tried to come out in a controlled manner. But that didn’t happen. Trying to tell family and friends, and a couple of them took it upon themselves to let everyone know. I could take it back and damage control was gone.. I feel like the true me in female clothing, so damn the fallout I dressed up and went about my life. I know they wanted to see me fail or watch fear grip my soul. That I couldn’t and wouldn’t allow them to get. No one was going to take away my life again. But I had no layers..!!! And I still have none.. no curves, no facial changes, no makeup, just plain me with all my imperfections..!! I am still waiting for HRT and have only been at this for about 9 months now. I still get up each day and dress femme and start my day. It’s new, it’s mine.. And I have had some bad reactions, BUT I have had some very good reactions also. Being told to keep it up to keep going. And a lot more than I can put here. Sorry this is so long. Peace and Love…

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      Fair play to you Shiloh, I just don’t have that level of confidence! I feel I need to look as feminine as possible to be able to go outside…something I have yet to do.
      I really need to take that first step, and I’ll be ok. 🙂

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      My situation is different from most here. I don’t think that I have ever felt that I was in the wrong body. But, what took me many decades to understand was that I’ve never felt completely male or completely female. I have always been this amalgam for male and female energies, perspectives, like/dislikes, etc. Once I figured that out, many things began to make sense as I looked back at my life. I recognize that I am an outlier and that’s OK. I think it works to reinforce the idea that while we all have similarities, there are some distinct differences in how and why our paths develop as they do.

      While I have no plans to do hormone replacement or affirmation surgeries, I present as DeeAnn about 98% of the time. It is how I am known here. DeeAnn is the person of record for the 5 organizations where I hold office and 3 other organizations where I am a member, but hold no office. Very few here have ever met Don.

      There are a few situation where I do not present as DeeAnn. My driver’s license says Don and when we went to get our initial 2 vaccines I didn’t want people to be confused as to why my presentation didn’t match the photo. Where we went was an hour away from where we live, so it was a bit of a question mark. Subsequently our boosters have been here close to home, so it was DeeAnn that went.

      In the interest of brevity, I won’t go into my coming out process, but it was very different from the majority of people here. What’s important, I believe, is to sort out what we need to do and recognize that there is no Right Way to go about things. It is all about what fits and what makes sense to us.

      Funny thing about dressing. Early on I wore girdles or panties with pads. For me, eventually it became more trouble than it was worth. I have a fairly good size butt as it is, so shapewear seemed less important. However I always wear some significantly sized breast forms. Sort of completes the old lady look (I’m 73)! But, I am adamant about always leaving the house with full makeup and being nicely dressed. No ripped jeans, no low cut or back out tops, etc. My only vice is short skirts and short skorts that sit at 6”-7” above the knee.

      I may be old, but I ain’t dead yet!

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