So you say I am a Crossdresser

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    I was in CDH chat earlier and I made a comment that I felt like I was in a CDA group (Crossdresser Anonymous).

    One member introduced herself, and of course I had to do the same.

    Me:  Crossdresser Anonymous

    Hélène Étrange: Hi my name is Hélène and Im a cross dresser

    Me:  Hello Ladies, I am told I crossdress, so thats why I am here

    My comment did not go unnoticed by the membership.

    Candace Ann Solomon: someone had to tell you Jas?

    I have a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor and actually sometimes make sense.

    Me:  I dress as Myself Candace

    I didn’t think this was enough of a reply so I had to give a better explanation, I don’t know why I said it this way but this was off the top of my head

    Me:  I am poking fun about the idea I have no true gender, so how can I be a crossdresser

    I had to reread this a couple of times to figured out what I just said. One of the weirdest things about me,  has always been that when I am in a certain state of peace with myself, I say things from my heart and, as who I believe, is the real me.




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    You are a beautiful you Jas.  Letting the heart lead is a brave thing and to be admired.  Ink ow I’m going to love working with you.


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