Social Acceptance.

Anyone else in the same boat?

is this only me or are there others living like this.

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    Andrew McFarlane

    Hey Andrew here, dealing with Social acceptance has put a massive influence on the way i present myself, which then leads to a deep rabbit hole like depression. (to the point of attempting suicide 3months ago.

    I view myself as female mentally. and because of that i hate my body.

    just wondering if anyone has any adivice on next steps from here. i want to live with out depression every single day from the time i get up and dressed..
    how do i approach this situation and change for the better.


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      Yup right there with you. I know I’m a woman. Know it. I get dressed, and put on my makeup, and do my hair, and I feel amazing. I smile. I’m genuinely happy.

      one thing is holding me back. My employer. Turns out that if your company is owned, or run by a religious organization, they get to ignore certain laws made to protect the employee. Now how me being myself prevents their ability to practice their religion is beyond me. But it’s the reason given and accepted by the courts in the past. Turns out they can fire me for being trans, so, I don’t let on. Thing too is, they can end my career, and I’m still paying student loans. So I’ve not given up, and if I can’t find a way, I’ll be able to hopefully change jobs… but that is what is holding me back. The pull is strong, and I don’t know how much longer I intend to let a religious organization that I don’t even belong to dictate the terms of my life..

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      As has been mentioned, many here have worked with therapists and have benefitted from the effort. However, the key is to find someone with experience in gender issues as this is not a focus for most therapists. As Sydney is a large metropolitan area, I assume there are LGBT resources in town. Here in the US, anyway, many LGBT centers offer mental health services and many of those either don’t charge or do a sliding fee scale.

      This might be a starting point:

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      Hi Andrew , it’s a mind ” F ” to want to be and feel female and yet going through a male puberty – when I was young around 18 I used to look at Penthouse and Playboy magazines not to get off as a male would but seeing that my equipment was not like the images were and dreaming of having the same was a brutal wanting desire to enjoy what they had – in 1981 I had a nervous breakdown at 23 years old couldn’t eat, barely get up and go to the bathroom for 3 months , I was down to 148 lbs basically I was dying and in denial of my true gender and why did I have an electrical shock of my hole body while driving , I thought I maybe had a stroke driving in Edmonton Alberta and went to a clinic then hospital where a nice big shot of Valium temporary solved the issue – I waited about a decade long after both parents passed on and finally at 60 while in rehab 2018 and started the process and by  2019 summer did the deed SRS-2 at the Kamol Hospital in Bangkok Jun.29 with other numerous surgeries since then as of 2020 –  there’s never been a hug really of support ,the odd good luck I barely remember – you have to be strong enough to want to be your real self ultimately , the dysphoria was very powerful  – hormones take years to see final results and it’s not how much you take – for the most part in the last 8 months I’m always addressed as ” Mam ” It’s very natural now out and about and I’m no beauty at 63  but people sense  whether you look and feel comfortable in your own skin and being natural without overdoing it with clothing or makeup – I’ve basically since 5 years old have experienced well over a 1/2 century of gender dysphoria – I cheated lots with denial when younger but start by getting a diagnosis from a psychologist 1 st then get a referral from your GP to go see an endocrinologist for hormones after if you really want the change – I did everything with no regrets other than bad voice surgery and it’s a rough road really and the changes take years like a second female puberty takes a basic 5 years like from 10 – 15 years old CIS female and I’m on my 3 rd year and  took plant estrogens  for 20 plus years on my own cheating without medical proper care , but it still takes  years later to see full development on the real McCoy Estradiol like a CIS born female and up till 25 years old still developing  into the whole woman-hood they become – if your truly Transgender female you’ll know in your soul – I’m way happier now – be true to yourself and you’ll be better off despite the odd early transitioning  comment by a stranger that may be hurtful – XO – Krystal , Vancouver , BC

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      Terri Anne

      Hi Andrew,
      Welcome to our wonderful, accepting, loving, helpful community where you can be safe and yourself.
      My hope is that you will become comfortable here and make many new friends.
      Feel free to ask questions and we certanly love to hear your experiances and life’s knowledge as well.
      Enjoy the knowledge and experiances of others on a similar path by reading articles and in the forums and chatting in chat rooms.
      Terri Anne

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      bobbi lewis

      how do you feel when you present as a woman? for myself i feel complete and euphoric. Ive felt the same as you for a long time. Im at the point where my mental state is more important than how people feel about me. i think most people will come to accept you if you are confident in who you are. There will always be haters both male and female that will say mean things to you and such. That is more a reflection of who they are and not your fault.

      Once you are able to be complete you will be ready to bring your gifts to the world.

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      Michelle Larsen

      Andrew, if you are going through bouts of depression, then you need to see a medical professional. Not only should someone not have to live like that, but if you have ‘attempted’ before, to me, that bumps up the level of urgency for you. Please do see someone soon. Michelle

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