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    I can’t more strongly stress this warning more than this post.


    Giving out your personal email address to anyone on TGH or CDH is very risky and I am totally against it. And Beware of offsite communication.

    We are a community and we should be comfortable with sharing on site our stories. Though some of us may communicate offsite in personal chats and group chats, you most understand that you enter those conversations at your own accord and what is exchanged in those rooms are not protected by TGH or CDH “Terms of Service”

    I am aware of a mass email exchange by a member who created two accounts and used one name, asking you to send them your email address.  If you received a message from this person, Please Delete it and not Reply.

    Thank you all for your membership with our community, and please contact me if you ever have an issue that may violate our rules.


    Jasmine Marie


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      Hi Jasmine,

      Thank you for  the warning. I suppose we never underestimate the cunningness of some people.

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      I completely agree with this warning I’ve not experienced the downsides of this myself however I’ve come close cuz I have received elsewhere not on this site cuz I’m too new I guess messages requesting information and such yes I have my email available on this site however if I remember the account sign up correctly it’s for administration only no one else will get that until I learned to trust them and because of my life experiences trust is a very hard thing to come by especially when it comes to online stuff that being said my username for example is Fira Kagegetsu which means fire Moon Shadow or if you want to get more accurate when it comes to what it’s supposed to mean because that was the literal translation lunar eclipse is the figurative translation and I like it the kanji I use is my cover image is the one for love and fire Moon Shadow are three kanji that I actually have as tattoos because that is a very deep meaningful name for me for reasons that on a general post like this I’m not going to go into as you get to know me and I get to know you that may change but as it stands right now it is what it is and will stay the way it is keep your heads up stay safe and always watch your back be careful with personal information giving

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        I totally agree! Though it’s easy enough to sort out the knuckle dragging mouth breathers it’s still extremely annoying. Patience is the key. If someone is sincere, you will find out over time

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      This has never happened to me here, but on Facebook I’m regularly hit upon by random men. Most I just delete, but if they have any sort of reasonably complete profile I may give them the benefit of the doubt and contact them on FB Messenger.

      Most often they jump to asking for personal info, wanting to text my phone or switch to WhatsApp or Google Hangouts. Big red flag.


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        That happens to me an awful lot too usually they’re just scammers but you can tell when you check their profile they don’t have very long profiles they are usually fakes


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      Hi. It’s not pleasant at all. I would never give up my real email address nowhere. When I just joined Crossdresserheaven I was approached by a troll (he was kicked out faster than my wages vanishes). I can tell you that it wasn’t pleasant to read. It really made me feel sick. No blame on Crossdresserheaven and Vanessa, they acted as swiftly as possible, and it’s almost impossible to protect yourself against that.

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      thank you for the warning..i would like to share a brief story with everyone..i became a victim just sharing pics.

      Me and the certain person talked for about two months…well she tried blackmailing me and I didn’t give in…she sent pics to cooperate office where i worked I got fired..I learned the hard way

      .No matter how much you think you know a person..Never drop your guard.kisses

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      Rami Love

      Thank you for the warning

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      Thank you for your post.TGH is a safe place for me I want to keep it safe luv Stephanie

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      i had one with a person i did not know asking me to text them on their email they sent me. i just deleted it, did not answer back just like phone calls if i dont know the number i dont answer  thanks for the heads up

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      Jasmine –

      Saw this warning after having reported receipt of a questionable message w/in the last 24 hrs.

      Thanks for staying on top of things!

      You advice is spot on.



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      I came on because I received an email that I’d gotten a message  from a member with a strange name and wanted to make sure nobody else had been scammed by this person, I am definitely ignoring their request.

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