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      I notice not many people here talk about feminization hypno. How many have tried it? Liked it?

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      Iย  have never heard of it, actually.ย  I can’t be hypnotized,ย  I’ve tried several times for other issues… I guess that would rule me out as a candidate

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      You question may need clarification.ย  If your’e referring to hypnosis as a therapy tool that would be different than hypnosis as a way to feminize your thoughts.

      The first would require a lot of convincing with a qualified therapist and second opinion before I would consent.

      The second is not something I would do.ย  I’ve worked through a lot of things consciously with the help of friends and therapists and already know my thoughts are feminine.ย  That’s part of what got me to where I am to start with.

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      Rami Love

      Do a Google search on Hypnosis Feminization and the results range from becoming a submissive female to changing your hormonal balance, growing larger breasts and hips by harnessing your deepest inner consciousness. I suppose listening to these hypnosis sessions without professional supervision is akin to self prescribing hormones.

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      Jessi asking questions is the way to the truth. I suffer with incredible dysphoria at times I get temporary relief talking to my therapist once a week at a cost of 80 dollars per session. Sometime I go shopping and try and put together a outfit. Taking a bubble bath is great relief. Practicing with make up for different looks is great. Going for walks with cute feminate panties and bra under your cloths used to work. Wearing feminate perfume small amounts. Listening to tapes that are that are attempting to confirm what you already believe is a type of therapy.ย  Unfortunately Iย  have found alot of professionals are really trying to understandย  and some cases you are teaching them. You did the right thing asking a question in a forum like this.


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      There are a lot of hypnosis sessions on YouTube.ย  I have saved a few of them and frequently play them.ย  Some are designed to be ‘heard’ while you drift off to sleep, a way of getting intoย  your subconscious mind easier.ย  I think they do a good job of reinforcing yourself into a more feminine self.ย  Some I like to listen to while doing the laundry, yes, taking care ofย  your feminine wardrobe while listening helps to justification recordings, does wonders.ย  Thinking and doing something you care about.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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