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    Ok, since this is my special forum where I make up much of the rules, I ask that anyone replying to this post not bash or single any one person or group out. So no names, just raw thoughts, so what do you think.

    Solve the sports issue, make a league of transgender males and females to compete with each other. Regulated rules that all TG participants are actively transitioning.

    All cis participants must not have any issues competing against a transgender opponent.  And may use transitional HRT to participate.  I think that would level the playing field for everyone. And they all must use one restroom and locker room and unanimous agree on the uniform.

    I have a bunch of other rules but just getting started. What do you think?


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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I don’t think separate competitions for trans people would work. It requires that people be outed and everyone may not be OK with that. The other thing is that, as I understand, testosterone blockers tend to bring strength levels back to roughly the same levels as those who are AFAB…

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      I know I am making no new friends on this thought, and the HRT for cis players was a bit much.  I am crossing the line on fairness. But I asked myself cause this happened to me some time back. In a golf tournament, longest drive, I hit a beautiful shot down 17 fairway. I was so happy to write my name on the board until I realized it was the womans longest drive. In a way I wish I deserved it, but golf to me is like a dance and graceful and beautiful percise movements. Like in all sports I played, it was never about power to me, it was the movements. And respectfully if I legally ever decide to change my gender, I would never compete against another female. And would rather compete against a male. Cause I would win anyway. 😁

      As for pronouns, call me as you see me, he/she, sir/maam, guy/girl, or male/female. I have lived life wearing many hats, my personality adjusts to who and what I need to be from one monent to the next. Life goes on with me doing what I have always done, just now, I live life openely. Like me or hate me, I am me.

      To be clear on my stance, if you transition after male puberty has changed your body, really look into yourself and ask yourself, are you playing fair. I would rather participants i  A coed, transgender league. The best of the best.

      I know that may not ever happen, but I can dream of a world of no gender and everyone is equal.

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        We all have our own opinions. That’s fine by me. I wish there were no more gender discrimination, too. I still think of you as a friend after learning your opinion on this stuff. Your pronouns confuse me a bit, but my guess is you’re non-binary but someday maybe you want to transition to be a binary woman? That’s what I think I’m reading about that. In the end it doesn’t matter to me other than being able to respect your preferences. If they’re really any and all okee dokee.

        I will say that while my nearly 4 years on HRT hasn’t seemed to take much strength away, it has eliminated my ability to grow new muscle mass and my endurance has dropped. I think the sports docs have made good points about Trans people on HRT. But what about Trans people not on HRT? Maybe a league for them? Makes me cringe, the discrimination part, but also because I’ve been not allowed to join a womens rowing league because of this issue. Stings. Like I want to be treated as a man, sheesh.

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          Thank you, I know I wont make many new friends with my views, but thank you for still being mine. I just think that FTM and MTF transgender people deserve to be recognized and we need to break the binary rule and accept a third gender. And what better way to start that movement by having our own sports league where transgender and coed cis people can show the world, that together we can really live together free of discrimination. Its my fantasy world where I was once a princess and now I have become queen. I would say off with the heads of our enemies but that would be wrong, I can accept them as female or male, if they can accept I am transgender, and transgender people are the best of the best. Maybe that is over the line, but what do you get when you have a female mind and a male body, or male mind and female body, you have both worlds, which makes you super cause you are of both binaries. Best of the Best.



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            I say off with their heads, too, lol!! In my state non-binary has been declared the third gender. Trans and Cis men are men, Trans and Cis Women are women.

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            yes very well put and over time I have learned that TG and TS are the best and most loving and understanding. How can people who have never experienced what we have understand how we feel

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      I think creating our own league would be counterproductive to what’s been going on for us in sports. People have been ruling to allow us to participate in our actual genders.

      HRT has serious consequences of usage. I don’t think just anybody should use it. Meaning it’d be unethical to allow HRT in non-transgender people simply in order to play a sport.

      I appreciate your all-gender locker room idea. This actually works fine in nudist resorts. Of course, I would add that all athletes be background screened like in those resorts and have consequences in place in case of infractions.

      I also like your idea of no transphobia allowed. Honestly I think that should become, and soon, a crime with punishments.

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