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    So here I am two weeks into my HRT

    my doctor reached out and lowered my dosage. Turns out that she doesn’t start people out on the higher end of the starting dose. Over time, she’s learned that a lower starting dose is much safer. So yeah, totally in on the plan.

    she also moved my check in visit a whole month sooner. Really happy to have her as my provider.

    the pharmacy (starts with a W ends in a spring color)  corner of happy and healthy my foot! tried to torpedo my transfer of the estradiol, but the receiving pharmacy (owned by Kroger) was awesome. Not so much as a change of tone of voice when they called me to straighten out the problem…

    syringes and needles ordered from Amazon.

    so far only noticed some more emotion to my days.  Nearly cried three times yesterday, which is awesome. I’ll add to that story soon.

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      I am happy for you Mallory. Though I long to be authentically female I can not see transitioning as a possibility for me. This saddens me, yet when I hear of other’s journey and growth I am happy. Happy for them; happy for you; happy to finally peace at peace with being a woman, albeit trans and that’s OK.

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        I hope that things work out and that you can find your happiness. I’m your soul sister either way.

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      Interesting what you said about the W pharmacy. In general, their reputation has been much better for trans people. Many stories exist about people being mistreated, being asked inappropriate questions, etc. at the C pharmacy at a number of locations. While I have not experienced problems (and I’m not doing HRT) I moved my prescriptions to the W pharmacy a few months ago. Do you think the difficulties you had were garden variety screw-ups or something more sinister?

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        I prefer to believe that it’s the political climate of where I live. It’s a red state who refuses to get vaccinated and we are now in medical crisis to the point that healthcare is being rationed.

        I don’t want to believe that it’s a company policy. Though every branch in town has behaved this way, and I am having issues with their mail in pharmacy also. (How hard can it be to get me a sharps container? )

        I was also chased away from the optical department of a local club store. A particular female employee could not stand me looking at women’s styles of glasses.

        while a company and their leadership might have the best of intentions, it comes down to individuals on the ground. While I’m sure we’ve all been through it, I am really hoping it’s a problem with individuals and not the company itself.


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          DeeAnn Hopings

          Yes, most companies would prefer that their public face remains intact as it is hard to overcome a particularly negative perception. What people don’t often realize is that we are not asking them to change their opinions. It would be nice, but the real point is to be civilized and have them do their job. That seems to be overlooked these days.

          Interesting what you said about Sharps containers. My arthritis is delivered by an EpiPen sort of device. My town, Cathedral City, gives the containers out free of change and they have 3 sizes. I have the largest which is about the size of 2 New York City phone books. They also dispose of them. Palm Springs has a similar program but I don’t know about other towns here in The Valley.

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      Got in the shower this morning and noticed that it looks like I may have gotten some growth…

      I kinda had a little there (presumably from the low T…) and today they seemed just a little larger. My wife agreed that they did seem to have grown a little, I mean just a little….

      that said, I wasn’t able to push them towards each other before and get anything.. I was able to this morning… clear cleavage! High point of an otherwise crappy day.

      oh, and I guess I’m almost to three weeks.

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      So, growing up in an abusive environment led to among other things having the simple act of crying literally beat out of me. In all the years from then until now, I’ve been unable to cry. Sad movie? Nothing. Bad news? Nope.Fired? Nada. Grandmother dies? Not so much as a tear.

      I have had literal years of therapy. I’ve begged some to help me reconnect with the simple and therapeutic act of release by crying. Nope, not one was willing to. More than one telling me that we had better things to focus on, or saying it is counter productive… (my gender therapist plans to start helping with this after I get into the HRT a little further)

      so I WELCOME the tears. I feel like I will be able to be be human again.

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