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    Therese McKnight

    Hey Gals-

    I don’t know if I’ve ever officially introduced myself so here goes.

    A long time ago there was a huge compression of gases until suddenly BANG! Everything was created. LOL I’m kidding. My name is Therese and I have been exploring this part of me for the last maybe five to eight years. Before that I would crossdress once in awhile but never put anything together. It’s only been the last few years when I started to explore what ‘Transgender’ meant that I started to put things together.

    My family life was to chaotic and I was to focused on not getting killed and sort of just disappearing for me to think about this stuff then. There was never enough quiet to allow for this to birth. I mean that’s it really. I could go on about this story or that story but the whole point is to be in the now. Now I am working on accepting myself. At first it was fun to discover but somehow somewhere I started to hate it and want it to just disappear to go back in the quiet little box it came from and stay there. I keep revisiting that place. I go through happiness and joy. Feeling free and loving all parts of me to loving only certain parts and wanting others to just go the F back where they came from.  I guess I’m fighting me. I call it an ‘It’ in stead of just me. Like a stained glass window with all sorts of different colors it’s all me. Anyway, this is where I am at now. Sometimes I really want to full on transition and sometimes I want the whole thing to just go away.

    Wow, how do you follow that? Okay, so I’m a creative person. I play guitar, write, compose, publish, and record. I have done this and kept a day job for years. I don’t feel complete unless I am gigging or doing something creative.
    Well, I wish you all the best and it’s so nice to meet all of you lovely ladies.



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      Welcome, Therese.

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      Elizka Anderson


      Welcome with a big open ❤️!

      Is am excited you choose to come here, we are a wonderful and loving group of women. Don’t feel any to just drop a line anywhere.

      We are all at different stages and ages so our souls are diverse, we welcome seeing what color you can add to our tapestry.

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