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    Where do I   begin?

    Well  I was born  a male  in the last  year of  the 1950’s

    I  was a soft of frail child, I guess and never was any good  at sports.   I was  always chosen last  when teams were   chosen in  gym class.

    Many people  say that my  face  favors my mother  and I  used to get upset by it.     Now I am like   okay but I am still ME

    I never gave it much thought of dressing  female.  But  I did  put on my moms  underwear, dress etc.    It was okay but she tended to wear  more June Clever  dress’s

    I did one time  find  a ladies  panties in my  laundry and I did  try them on .   They felt nice.

    But again I never  went any further with it.

    But in the  mid  2000 I was talking to a  “Girl”   in chat and  she suggested I  look at a couple of videos.    I did and  it was like something switched on in me.

    I  denied it  as they used the “S” word a lot.  I   was offended by this  cause  as Danielle   started to awaken in me, she  was like I am Femme  not that  nasty word.

    I went to Walmart and  started  exploring the different panties.      As You all know  there is  a lot of them.   I settled on Womens  briefs and  boy shorts .    These seem the most comfy for me,

    I bought some nice  cami’s and chemises.    I liked em.   Again so comfy

    As for bras  that has been a nightmare.   I  tried like a dozen of them.   measured my size like they said  and still NAH


    I do like  the leggings and  they  really are form fitting.    It makes my  bootie look nice  and round , if I am allowed to say this here.

    I have painted my nails   , teal, red and etc.   I love how teal looks on my nails.    But my nails  break a lot so  I don’t paint them much .

    I have many female friends  and a few male friends.    But due to covid that circle is very small now

    I love exploring Danielle  a lot   , As I always say she has brought me calm and confidence.

    Just  wish she had been around  earlier in my life instead of my  later years.

    I have to add that  a couple of years before my mother passed away she told me that my Dad had wanted a girl !

    I never knew this  but now I am very glad to know

    Anyways working on that  now


    I wish you all the best on your journey and love being a member here.

    You are the best




    Danielle Marie




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      Good morning, funny how similar our stories are in some areas…yet we all take a unique journey that is very personal to us. Born in 55, I too ask myself why it took so long to discover this side of me. Times were so different, and I do appreciate old-fashioned family structure and roles. My family has a matriarch, can it accept another? Or does the family patriarch just continue on in his role and try to find solace in the fact that it is probably best for my family that I do?  I tried over the years  to fill the hole in my heart with some booze, a variety of rec drugs, lots of anonymous sex…and have been lucky that none caused me any real lasting problems or drug me deep enough to drown me. But two years ago, when I bought my forms, wig, did my makeup, and put on some real clothes…Haley was born. She is real, mature, vibrant, strong, proud, sexy and no longer needs a sex partner to validate her existence or identity…but I do like to have some fun too! I know how I feel, but I still question my motive at times, other times not so much. To just dress to dress, to do daily things like working out, housework as Haley just makes me feel happier, more content, more at peace and more of the person I want and wish to be.

      Then there’s your name…Danielle…my daughter’s name. A beautiful girl with a huge heart, an elementary school teacher, a source of pride for any parent. For you, for me…does the journey ever reach a point where we feel as if we are “there”? Guess time will tell how we ourselves and others around us can accept the changing norms in our lives!



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      Hey Dani , really glad to have you here sharing your story with others . As you open up more that inner smile will be very hard to contain !



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      Terri Anne

      Hi ,

      Welcome to TGH.  Very nice to read your story and thank you for sharing with us.

      You are a joy to chat with in our chat room.

      In case you need thisinformation:

      You can read about the knowledge and experiances of others on a similar path by reading articles and in the forums and chatting in chat rooms.
      My hope is that you will become comfortable here and make many new friends.

      Here is a helpful tools that Michelle L.  has put together:

      ==========TGH How-to Navigation ================

      Glad you are here. Looking forward to more sharing,

      Terri Anne, Ambassador

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