Trans kids can’t play in the reindeer gamed

Let Trans kids play?

Should they?

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    Has anyone else been following this?

    The jury is still out for me here. On the one hand, if it creates an unfair advantage… the flip side is does complete fairness exist in sports????????

    No… definitely not. One can think about chemical supplements which has been addressed or this or that rule about how the game is played…a proper discussion of that could fill pages.

    Now though, we’re talking about human beings.

    In my native tounge, what do ya’ll think?



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      Hello everyone. I’m Phoebe. I’ll post an introduction in a bit.
      I know this is a hot topic all around and everyone has an opinion. Unless they (Athletic associations, scholastic programs, etc..) are going to start making trans female and trans male teams and then ethnic teams etc.. Then I say let them play.  WITH LIMITATIONS. I believe that the trans kids should have transitioned enough so they are as biologically similar with their team mates as can be reasonably expected. Just as society has dumb’d down many of our brightest pupils so others don’t feel bad”.  We may need to require similar standards so the “normal’s” don’t get too easily offended.
      To say no trans student should be able to compete with their peers in athletics is as ludicrous as saying Black people shouldn’t be allowed to compete with Whites.
      We have managed to grow beyond one bigotry only to substitute it for another. We as trans persons are all to familiar with how hormones effect our anatomy at different ages. With hormone blockers etc. There should be no reason why our youth should be denied these opportunities.
      Yes there will be the occasional conflict of interest but we can not move to a place of equality of opportunity in any endeavor by holding ourselves back.

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      Hi, you know it gets complicated and seems more of an issue with M to F and not so much F to M – if a parent is compassionate about there child and realizes that there kid is truly M to F ( Female ) as close to being like a natal CIS female as possible so they have a wonderful experience growing up to be a woman – I find it insulting that to force a natural feeling of being legitimately female to be a male is so devastating because of the social system ( it’s not dirty to be female ) I was born in December 1957 and by 1967 December I was 10 years old and new long before I had natural feeling I’m a girl – today a good parent will let that child go through a female puberty to fit in a world that is already tough enough to live in and even today 2021 a lot of parents won’t let the child have this so there body can have what they really need physically – there’s nothing worse than having that child develop Male characteristics and the dysphoria becomes brutal and why most Transgender adults like myself end up with addiction problems world wide because at a young age were forced to be something else which is not natural for them  – a male to female will develop normal like any other girl given the hormones and be the right height , weight , foot size , hand size , everything – if you’ve already gone through male puberty and transition there are some sport venues like weight lifting that is not fair competition wise – Renee Richards remarked that she had to pull an ex male body around on the tennis court with a switched over female  hormonally muscle changed body and it wasn’t easy , she won the case to compete in 1977 and had SRS in 1975 – there’s always going to be parents ( Shirley Temple ) type mom and dad’s that think there children are the BEST-EST in the world and don’t want a transgender athlete competing against there daughter – to create a completely separate Olympics for Transgender athletes would make them feel not equal and there value being a human being LESS just to satisfy the ( Shirley Temple ) mom and dads that there kid can win in a competition and kick sand in the face of a transgender athlete – XO – Krystal – hard core old Trans female.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      According to scientists and medical personnel, trans females on HRT lose any strength advantage.

      By the way, a post like this would be more appropriate in Real World Issues and not Introductions and New Members…

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