Trans or CD? Naturally Submissive?

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      I am hoping this is the right place to ask. Are there gradations of transexual, or two-spiritedness, or is it all or nothing. How do you feel about it, and yourself in this regard?

      Also, I have noticed that a high percentage of trans women (yes, I’ve been on those “other” sites, lol) identify as being highly submissive sexually. Is this accurate or a distortion created by frequenting dating sites?

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      I myself have fantasized about being dominated by men from day one. I am also attracted to women, but it is either submissive to, equal to or wish i had her bod.



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      Hi Stephanie!

      I think the short answer to your question regarding gradations of transsexuality is, yes. It would seem that there are nearly as many gradations to it as there are people. If you look around here; read the articles and forum topics, you will, if you haven’t already, come across the term “gender spectrum”. This is referring to the gradations you wondered about. Another term that I came across recently, thank you Cloe, is “gender matrix” which I think adds more depth to the spectrum idea. Another term you will come across, again, if you haven’t already, is “gender fluid” which refers to moving around or flowing throughout that “spectrum” or “matrix”. So no, it isn’t all or nothing, it’s about discovering and being true to who YOU are and where YOU fit in.

      In response to the second part of your question regarding submissiveness; this is my theory/opinion; based solely on my experience and observation. I think the combination of testosterone, a source of aggression in men coupled with the gender dysphoria that so many of us MTF transgendered people have experienced can produce in some, what I like to call a kind of “aggressive submission”.

      For example: I know that in my own life, as I tried valiantly and desperately to hide, deny, mask or purge that insistent woman inside of me, she would occasionally break free of her bonds and drag me, as though our roles had switched and she was now in charge, into all manner of behavior that would leave me amazed, disgusted and ashamed. When satiated, she would again allow me to resume my role as master. It was almost as if she would pressure me to allow her to “be” until I couldn’t control her and there would be an “explosion”.

      Lol! That probably sounds a bit insane to some, welcome to my life!

      It is SUCH a relief to just allow her to be. My whole outlook on sex and relationships is changing in ways that I could only dream about until recently.

      Just my opinions and thoughts at the moment.

      Love to All!


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      Thanks Tami, that jelps a lot, on both points. Gender fluid seems to describe me, though sexually I am mostly a gurl.


      I love your term “aggresively passive”. This also seems to resonate with me personally.


      Much appreciated,

      Stephanie xo

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Odd how this just popped up in Share Your Opinion.


      Many transwomen seek validation of their womanhood. Therefore, it would appear that being sexually submissive is one way of supporting that thought process…

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