Transgender and sexual attraction

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    Tina Dessins


    The subject of this topic is my problem.

    I’m explaining:

    Since I’m young, I felt like a girl. Nobody knows of course, and I played a role like the best actors in the world. I’m definitely MTF, asking myself for a definitive transition, but with a family of 3 kids, that’s not easy.

    My sexual attractions are women. This is the problem. Because, I feel like a girl, who like girls, it’s ten times hard to accept my identity in the deepest part of me.

    Do you feel the same ?

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     Dennis Herdina 


    Speaking as male bodied.  i have always been attracted to men sexually   both as male and as female.  Now here is the kicker….I am engaged to a gender woman who feels and wants to be male in our marriage.  We both present in our desired gender.  What astounds me is that we found each other by accident. Speaking for myself  this seems and feels right for me and is normal.  I admit the incongruity here.  But I really dont see the problem since we are both happy with our future married selves and roles .

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     Annie Riggle 


    I’m attracted to both but with women all I could do is makeout my ed is making something not preforming …but mainly attracted to men….

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     Miriya Paris 


    Absolutely Tina I feel the same, and there is nothing wrong in being a lesbian trapped in a guys body.  Love that line BTW Izola. 😄  Real trick is does your partner want a Lesbian?  And who tops who in the bed room?  At least these are my issues.

    And a lot of the other girls said it all ready gender and sexual preferences are not the same.  Not sure if it is all environmental however as suggested.  But male society homophobia really does play a big role in it.  And if you have tried to live a role as a male for many years there is a ton of unlearning needed.



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    Sorry Cloe

    My bad girl but been battling a respiratory illness and my Albuteral inhaler is amphetamine based and,  Well U know… (A “my story and I’m sticking 2 it” moment).  It makes me warm and fuzzy all over knowing you are on the ball keeping us safe and grounded .. Huggz Tia


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     Tiffany Alexis 


    I’m with you on this….never been attracted to guys in any way. Maybe it’d make more sense if I was, but not in the cards. Always wanted to get the girl, always wanted to be the girl. Finally worked up the courage to go for the second.

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    I think too many people try to lump gender identity and sexuality together. Just because you are more attracted to women does not mean you are any less of a woman yourself. The two are not one and the same and they do not determine each other. It’s perfectly fine to be a transwoman that is attracted to female partners.

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       M Chloe Harris 


      I think “attraction” for the most part is learned behavior based on prior experience and what you otherwise have always felt comfortable with. Do not think it is “innate” or “nature ingrained” in any way and perhaps the greatest challenge for many late-blooming transgirls is overcoming the homophobia against male partners that cis girls were never saddled with in the first place

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    Sorry girls I have 1 ovary and testicles (Intersex). I do relate to women but think you’re both selling yourselves short. You have a prostate laying in wait to show you what it can really do. You think holding and finally peeing feels good? OMG multiply that Xs 3 girls …  It will also show you the difference between a climax and orgasm as well as broadening your horizons.

    Huggz Tia

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       CC Webb 
      Managing Ambassador


      Thank you for your insightful response.  Let’s all just be careful to not go too far down the trail on sex talk.


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        From my own personal point of view I   feel that————(censored) although before I began transitioning I was definitely———— (censored) but now what I really need is a ———(censored).❤️❤️❤️. Amelia.

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     Izola Kate 



    I’ve  joked that I’m a lesbian trapped in a mans body and loving it. The inside joke on me was the loving it part. I’ve felt like I’ve been in man drag for years. Like you, I’m attracted to women and adore them. I suppose under the right circumstances and the right guy, it is remotely possible that I could go that route, but for all of my girly life it’s been women turning my head. And women who I most closely relate to. Sometimes with a pinch of jealousy and always being attracted, but it just feels like home. As for the self acceptance you’ve got to get to that, especially as a parent. I can relate. I said I’d never “kill” my child’s dad. I do find I’m a better parent when I’m happy with me though….. guess my whole point is that’s it’s not just you sis 😉


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       Stephanie Kennedy 


      I too adore the female body. I love every curve.. I am so envious it makes me crazy. I have had fantasy of a strange man flirting and trying to seduce me while I was my fantasy image . Not sure what that makes me. I do know most woman appreciate other woman in alot of ways. I think I am like alot of woman. it is a real issue it should be discussed. Thank you for bring it up. Luv Stephanie

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