Transgender Violence

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      Hi All:

      Not a happy story, but hope is in the works.

      A good friend of mine is in hiding. She’s being harassed by an online predator who has discovered her home address. The community is on high alert and many are coming forward to help. My friend is not a fan of the police, but she is being encouraged to contact them, and I think she will.

      The best help she’s getting for now are from two women’s shelters who also help trans women and non-binary folx. She’s starting to feel much better.

      My friend has a checkered past. She was an escort at one time in her life and trust given is rare. She’s experienced violence before and has had to move multiple times. And during those days, the police were slow to help.

      A few of us live close by and we can bring her groceries, smokes and our shoulders.

      I’ll keep you posted in this thread…

      Stay safe and build a network of friends you can trust!

      Hugs, Barb

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      Thank you Barb for being there for her. I’m sure it is a comfort to her.
      Our hearts go out to you and your friend during this time.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      Barb, I feel sad for your friend.  NO ONE should EVER live in fear, or ever live with the threat of violence.  I can kind of see what many GG’s have always said NO MEANS NO.  Don’t care of your friends past, where she is at now is where she wants to be, where she wants to go.


      . Cassie

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      Lest we forget, this situation represents the power and value of Community…

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      Some good progress…. My friend did call the police! She was interviewed extensively yesterday. And, she was impressed with their concern and now has more confidence in their commitment to help her and stop the stalking. Times do change!

      In Canada, we do have Human Rights laws protecting one’s gender identity and expression. Any harmful acts, physical or verbal, can be prosecuted under our Criminal Code. That law got me out of the house! Unfortunately, some just don’t want to live by those laws. Our rate of hate is not like in some other countries, but it is on the rise nonetheless. This is why having a network of support is so vital for all of us.

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