Transitioning and the Veterans Administration

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      Today it is “Veterans Day” – and while I was out in man mode many of the conversations I overheard or was party to involved fellow former service members and their experiences with the local VA for mundane medical needs, some service related – some apparently not.

      It got me to thinking if anyone in our community might have some insights into getting VA assistance with our transgender medical needs to support our transition.

      I’m starting late in life, and well past eligible to retire but I’m planning on using medical benefits to help in the journey to the real me.  Still, that’s not going to get me all the way and eventually will out me to my employer; forcing me into retirement.  If there was some way to let my 10 years of service back in the days of “Tricky Dick”, VC, operation Dull Sword,….

      Don’t get me wrong; I was a luck one but service is service and if there is some way my VA benefits might help me fix what has been wrong all these years – as I’ve discovered probably sent me to join the service in the first place….

      I’d stand in what ever line it takes – I did it before for a screwed up reason – why not do it now for the right one…..


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      I can’t say that I have a lot of experience running the hoops with VA.
      But I have been dealing with my transgender journey for the last 18 months. And I have been doing it with the help of VA.
      I got my counselor that way to get my approval for Estradiol. And started Estradiol patch with my endocrinologist through VA community care this last May. And so far I can only say that my care team, Dr’s, pharmacy, LGBTQ team, etc have all been great and tried to go beyond what I thought or dreamed would happen.
      Shiloh Rose 🌹

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      Hello Anna,
      I know I’m a bit late to this topic, so what I say may have already been said. If you are close to a VA hospital or have the phone number for one, you can find out who the counselor is that you can talk to about VA benefits for Vets that want to or are transitioning. Or if you already have a VA counselor they may be able to get you in contact with a counselor that handles that specifically so you get the real answers to your questions. For me it worked out nicely that I could talk to a counselor just after I got my covid booster at the VA hospital near me in Michigan. They had some printed literature about VA coverage to take home as well. Good luck with your findings!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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