UK Attorney General misinforms whole country on trans discrimination


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      On 10th August during a speech at the right-wing lobby group The Policy Exchange, Attorney General Suella Braverman stated that it is lawful for schools to deadname and misgender trans pupils, and prevent them from accessing toilets, sports teams and dormitories, or wearing uniforms that match their gender. None of this is legally the case, as experts soon afterwards explained because it would breach the protection afforded to trans people in the Equality Act 2010.

      She also said it is lawful for single-sex schools to reject trans children, and argued that schools teaching students about gender identity are “misinformed” and “indoctrinating children”.

      As we and parents of trans children know, some schools do have problems with transphobic bullying and discrimination, particularly where teachers are unsupportive or afraid to intervene, and trans children face a greater risk of dying by suicide when compared to their cis peers. This so-called advice is clearly aimed at whipping up the Tories’ transphobic base and gender-critical feminists. We trans people in the UK and our allies need to ensure that we support each other and our children against this increasingly vicious campaign by the Right (and a small section of the centre-Left).

      More information at TransWrites and openDemocracy.

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      We face the same thing in many sections of the U.S., and all it will take is a change in the balance of power at the national level to bring about an attempt to impose similar repressive measures on us all. We stand with you.

      One of the quiet joys of my life has been to see the emergence of the understanding and support for trans kids that we all needed so badly when we were young. It’s still an uphill battle with much that needs to be changed, but we cannot let the gains we have made be eroded by ignorance, arrogance, fear, and hate. We will take care of our own.

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      It is so sad that we live in a age where we have so much progress in so many fields. We have come so far in so many ways. We can just about reach out and touch the stars.
      And yet every day we see and watch the the effects of people can stoop to in causing harm to others.
      I guess finding true peace has been the hardest thing for this world to truly discover.
      Peace and Love,

      Shiloh Rose 🌹

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      She needs to move to Florida.

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