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    Makayla @me

    Hi all. I am sure I have been and introduced myself before but have been away for a while but am back to seek some help and guidance on how best to unravel this thing I have with female boots and leather.
    I have had it since I was 5 and I am obsessed it’s almost controlling in a some ways. I can’t go through a day without wanting to have the chance to wear boots or leather gloves and for many years I simply put this down as a fetish and I guess I still do.
    but after a few years of going further and experiencing more in terms i being femme I started to question this notion more and more.
    I know there is no easy way to make this black and white but am keen to hear people’s views. It’s the age old question when I see a woman dressed in boots do I fancy her, want to be her or be wearing what she is?

    I feel more and more that if I could go out with no fear I would just embrace this but then again I don’t feel like I am obviously female.

    what can I do or question to help me understand this. Is this just a kink or am I no cos gender with a fashion preference and or kink.
    Any one with similar experiences would love to hear from you.

    M x

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      Hi Makayla , I’ll speak for myself and you can figure your own feelings as good as you can – for myself I always had a deep internal soul feeling of wanting my bottom equipment as a child to be female – the only real female around was my mother but I learned about clothing and played with her shoes etc. , learned  even how a bra was put on with clasps at the back by watching about this strange devise girls used Ha ! my mother would still turn her back of course doing this out of decent dignity , stockings were still held up with girdle snaps in the 60’s but I sure learned about girl things   – I was even into understanding feminine hygiene things back in the 60’s checking that stuff out under the bathroom lower sink vanity – male and females obviously have fetishes for sexual gratification – at 63 I can appreciate another women’s physical form and the clothing she wears if it looks good on her – I never got the chance growing up to be and dress female as my dad had my head shaven like a US Marine for a decade to abide by his rules in the house , he was a brow beater and master , seemed miserable all the time to show and keep his power and authority , and as a kid ” ME ” wanting to be a girl so bad but couldn’t say a damn thing ” OR ELSE ”  when you get the strength mentally if your truly transgender to actually go out in public ” don’t over do it with clothing and make-up ” be as natural looking as you can be – I live / eat / breath / function totally female because I feel in my soul I’m female right from birth and I get addressed as ” MAM ” all the time – I sold my house a few years ago and spent the money on myself finally to physically be me  SRS-2 and BA at the Kamol Hospital in Bangkok ( I was D cup naturally ) hair line, lipo , etc. – I have No regrets but it took me 58 years ” I’m not playing this bullshit game anymore ” with my gender – you’ll know deep inside your soul if your honest with yourself whether your gender being female is right or wrong ! XO – Krystal , BC , Canada

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        Thanks Kyrstal for such a nice reply.
        For me I think i was always drawn to certain element of being a girl when I was younger but had them quashed I guess but the thing with being drawn to wearing boots and especially leather women’s leather is something I have never been able to shake.

        but when i see my self as female it feels right.
        so I am just trying to understand if the leather thug has just been my way of channeling my inner want so to speak. It’s like why do I feel great just wearing a pair of women’s leather gloves whilst out shopping or driving the car. Is that a fetish or more a w way to sooth me dysphoria?

        thanks also Dee for your reply I will try the profile as you suggest but my experience is the crowd here in aus are a bit shy. Haha.



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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Who knows?

      Going back to childhood, I always had a thing for wedge heeled shoes. That has continued into being a non-binary trans woman and a crossdresser before that.

      Why? I haven’t the slightest idea…

      Anyway, I encourage you to complete your Profile page. It helps other members to get to know you and what your situation is. While all threads will essentially sink to the bottom of the pile over time, your Profile page will always be readily accessible and can be updated at any time when something changes.

      Also, if you would like to search for other members who may be close to you in Australia, click on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

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