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    Bobbie W

    Hello ladies,

    like the title says it’s official I have taken the next step and got my prescription for HRT I’m so excited/nervous right now. Does anyone have any advice to give me that you wish you had been given. I will finally be my true self.

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      DeeAnn Hopings


      As is said:

      The Longest Journey Begins With The First Step.

      Good Luck to you as events unfold…

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      It takes time Bobbie…it really feels an age sometimes, even though it’s not. Don’t judge your progress by others…only by yourself. The internal, emotional changes are big but so much a part of the process. You will have good days and sad days…that’s hormones for you, up one day down the next. Remember you don’t have to be trans everyday…allow yourself ‘me’ time to adjust. I remember the day I realised I couldn’t wear a T-shirt out and about without a bra ever again…a very special day. The tenderness of those breasts…you know it’s working and I actually find it a comfort…except for turning over in bed.

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        Bobbie W

        If I’m honest I’m a bit nervous but so excited also. I am not worried about the breasts as I’m now overweight and have some now but I’m also loosing weight so I’m hoping it will work out as I’m not “out” yet to anyone except online.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>It’s a mental and physical journey of changes from everything you knew yesterday.  You will be internally challenged.</p>
      When Estrogen is introduced into your body, it fights with the testosterone in your body, two opposite hormones in your body.  I could feel the underlying turmoil inside.  My emotions became heightened and in full swing.  I was warned from other girls, especially in my high stress career, and sure enough when I got upset, angry, happy, or sad…it was so much more intense and sometimes hard to control.  I found that exercise was the key to stabilizing the affect…. exercise produces endorfins and walking up to 4-miles a day with some light weights does the trick.   Exercise also trimmed my body weight down, firmed up the new fat and fat distribution that the estrogen was producing.

      It was about my third month when my nipples became super sore and sensitive.  This is when you know your estrogen has fully enveloped your body.  Let the changes begin! Yay… But wait.  You think this is irreversible and you can start overthinking that everything and everyone in relationship you know, will change.  I got caught up in this, as so many of us do.  I stopped, estrogen left my body over time and I found myself miserable as a male again… I wasn’t my self.  I’m now back on and going through.

      Sounds like I’m warning you?  Im not.  It’s all the positive part of the male to female changes and the mental and physical changes are being confirmed by all these changes.  Keep remembering that!

      By month four, your mind and body really start accepting the changes and the mood swings start dying down.

      This is my experience.  Our journeys are all unique to ourselves.

      I will say that I feel complete, me, my true self.  Im just starting this journey, a journey that will always be evolving ongoing, and so look forward to the future as me, as gabrielle.  I am so blessed. ♥️

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      Michelle Lawson

      Bobbie, is the prescription for pills, patches, or injections? I started out with pills and just put them under my tongue to dissolve. Now I’m on injections. And I never did patches. The injections were a bit hard when I first started because I hate needles, but I got over that and now the weekly injection is a non-event….. Good luck and enjoy your new life. Michelle

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        Bobbie W

        I’ll be getting patches but I have the option of any of the three but being well 47 tomorrow we decided pills were not the best option for me. I am really surprised at how easy it was to get them trough Planned Parenthood. Just a Telehealth hour long conversation and boom she sent them and WOW they were nice, I am trying Amazon pill pack for them but they still don’t have the RX yet I hope they’ll have it tomorrow.  Now I need to find a new primary Dr to see that’s trans friendly. Thank you

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