What advice would you have for transgender women my way!just getting started?

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      Vanessa Law

      What advice do you have for transgender women just getting started with their makeup and skincare routine?

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      Find a professional makeup artist (MUA) that offers lessons. There are some out there that cater and advertise to trans women.Β  Check with local support groups, chances are they’ll know.Β  I drove 2 hours for my first one and when I was done I had a basic day-to-night look that was easy to repeat.Β  I stuck to that for at least a month while I got comfortable with the brushes and application.Β  From there the real fun of experimenting began.

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      Jecca Blac

      Here at Jecca Blac, we love to celebrate you! Our mission is to be a brand that represents all beauty lovers: all expressions, genders, sexualities, abilities, pronouns, shapes and sizes. Everyone’s skin is different and requires different treatments in order to keep it healthy!

      Before you start any makeup look, you should ask yourself some simple questions about your skin and what the desired end look you have in mind looks like! Deciding on what type of skin you have will then help to inform some of your choices, i.e. which primer would be best suited for the look you are after.

      For example, knowing if your skin is oily, dry or normal will dictate which priming and moisturising products you should be using.

      These two blog post goes through some of the basics or starting out with your makeup and skincare journey and what tips we recommend for people who are just starting out!



      Please do let me know if you have any more questions! πŸ˜€

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      As an “old girl” having began my rocky journey in 1979 and having had “the op” in ’86 I would advise all those contemplating or beginning their journey to be firstly honest with the GP. Don’t hold anything back. The same for your psychiatrist’s sessions. I suppose it might be slightly different for U.S. girls but essentially we all have to jump through the same hoops and face the same pitfalls. Clothing wise don’t go all flowery and be prepared for some sniping. You must have a thick skin girls, or you’re never going to make it. If you are misidentified ignore it, often it’s done to draw reaction from you. I’m 5′ 11″ tall and slim. Hard to keep a low profile when stand out. There’s a song by an English group of the 60’s called hold your head up woman I played that through my mind for solace. I recommend it, you can get it on the ‘net. As your body develops you’ll feel easier in your mind and the comments get less and less. Now, aged 73 yrs. I hardly ever get noticed negatively. It’s great feeling. Over here in Staffordshire where I am it was pretty rough at the beginning but nothing worthwhile is ever easy as the man said. Of course there’s loads more to my experience of transition but you girls have already experienced some of it or will do as your journey progresses. Well, thanks for reading. Remember to hold your head up woman.

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