What can’t you resist? Spend, spend, spend!

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      I’m buying everything I ever really wanted! You know…the things you can’t wear until you’re ‘out’? Jewellery, watches, clothes, shoes, makeup…my bank balance is emptying so fast…and I don’t care!
      Is this hormones or liberation? Every fb advert…I’m clicking it. This is sooo much fun girls.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Take a deep breathe and slow your roll. When you do get to the point where you are out, you don’t want to find yourself in a bad place…

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      My 1st year of transition, I was cautious about spending.It has now been 1and a half years and now I buy everything  I desire.I can’t  remember the last male thing I’ve bought.With winter here , it’s been cardigans, hoodies, makeup, makeup , makeup!! I love it and now boots are on my radar. I never enjoyed shopping so much .So, yes, it’s spend , spend , spend!!

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        Cindi C

        Boots are definitely a staple in the fall and winter.  A nice pair of black riding boots and a pair of high heel dressy boots are so versatile

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        As a guy I used to hate clothes and shoe shopping. The only clothes I wanted to shop for were graphic tees. Now I love it. Love it, love it, love it. Don’t understand it but I do. I’ve had to slow down. Spending too much money. Def need to do the thrift stores! ❤️🙆‍♀️

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      However, I do understand the temptation. Sometimes I go for a few months and then I just need to shop for something. I guess it falls under the heading of impulse control. Sometimes I have it and sometimes I don’t. While I have shopped in department and discount stores, probably 80% to 90% of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores (online and in person). There seems to be much more of the Thrill Of The Hunt feeling. But, the positive thing about that is that the odds are lower of finding something that I like and that fits. Therefore it decreases the probability of buying something…

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        I was advised by other trans girls to use Thrift stores (we call them Charity Shops and that one has been the bane my life haha) In early transition you have to ‘find’ your style and look, and also a changing body shape. Thrift stores are perfect and cheap…yes I do use them too! I experiment and mix and match…and my ‘look’ is starting to form. So I just buy anything that I like…some things work some things don’t.

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          DeeAnn Hopings

          There’s another advantage regarding thrift shops, from my perspective anyway. Being In Style has never been an interest of mine. My target has always been Being Stylish. I have items from the 60’s through the 90’s and I have no problem mixing eras. That’s fun to me. Unfortunately I don’t get to wear the items from the 60’s as they are winter wear. Sadly that doesn’t work very well here in the desert.

          Anyway, the issue is that you won’t find that sort of range in department stores. Anything close would fall into the retro category, but why do a sad imitation when you can find the real thing? Also, in many cases, the quality and materials are better with the originals…

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      OMG Shoes, Socks and Panties. I’ve been debating buying some body forms, just can’t quite bring myself to pull the trigger.

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      Lew Magram Evening Vintage and Sequined Gowns and Black or Red LBD’s and Leather Pumps.  Carefully selected and wisely thrifted.   Marg

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        That’s one exotic addiction Marg. Love it!

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          Thanks Alex,  I really just love the big glam events even though there has been a drought for the last two years.  Best wishes on the transition.  I hope that everything is going as you wish.  Marg

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      I transitioned and started living fulltime on March 31st, Transgender Day of Visibility. So far the most frequent expenditures have been on panties and makeup.  I’m addicted to lipstick, so many wonderful colors and types to try out!!

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      I went on a major spending spree mainly through Amazon, TopHatter, Wish, Dollar Store, and Family Dollar.

      With WISH I learned what WISH stood for… you wish it was the size they claimed it to be to fit in it but their 5XL was for a child to fit into, and I guess i will put the Teddy lingerie onto my teddy bear that is in bed with me -or- I wish i didnt buy it because it was complete junk quality. So I stopped buying through wish.

      TopHatter was a mix of good and bad purchases but I got on late night when few people were on to counter bid against me and so I was able to get stuff cheap. However quality of it was 50/50 good or junk. Sizing issues also a problem with items from China through Tophatter.

      Dollar Store I bought out their entire rack of black and brown pantyhose in my size at $1 each pair was a bargain compared to buying name brand and they dont last that long before they get a run in them and junked. Also bought some make up and nail polish there.

      Family Dollar I bought up every color of nail polish at $1 or $2 each, 2/3 of their makeup selection that was all cheap $2 for this and $3 for that, bought up and each visit bought out the entire self hooks of Scruncci’s that were soft and colorful at $2 for 3 to which I have a shopping bag stuffed with them to pick a color and type from, as well as Family Dollar carries womens clothing and pantys and bras and so I would fill my cart with all sorts of items that were $3 to $9 each which was a bargain compared to other stores and so Family Dollar made lots of money on me with most sales over $100.

      I then started buying from Amazon where I would buy one of something in a size that should fit me and if it was a successful purchase to what I liked and can fit comfortably into I then would buy 1 or 2 of each color that they had of that to have a variety of that item. And so I bought tons of Tank Tops, Bras, Pantys, Skirts, Sockings, Panty Hose, Garter belts, and Silk Night Gowns as well as I discovered that Amazon has many products for transgender customers and so I bought myself 2 sets of silicone breasts a C and a DD set, as well as other items that are there that might be inappropriate to share here and so not listing those but if looking for those items amazon has those too.

      I then discovered breast enhancement cream and was applying that in hopes that it might somehow make my breasts that are an entry level B cup perhaps grow more, but that was a wasted “snake oil” like product of $25 that didnt do anything for me.

      I got my ears pierced and bought tons of earings, and then I had a friend who is FTM who was gauging for larger heavier jewelry and so I stretched my ear piercings 2 piercings per ear from size 18 to size 10 and stopped at 10 as beyond 10 the jewelry choices were not my type, as well as at size 10 holes in ears I can still wear a hook type womens earing that is an 18 but if i went larger it wouldnt look good for me.

      I then met an awesome friend who is female that knew that I am transitioning MTF and she said that if you ever want to go shopping sometime because your too nervous to shop alone for womens items we can go shopping together and that was like OMG THANK YOU!!! because I was too nervous to go shopping in womens sections prior. Prior I would be at like walmart and have other stuff I needed in cart first and then scope out the womens section and go in as if its a mission to get in and get out with what i wanted and toss that or those items under other things to not be looked at by others as messed up. And so my spending spree with her was buying a half a cart full of Bras and size 9 panties and a few blouses that I really liked as well as a pair of 20W daisy duke blue jean shorts.

      Her and I eventually hooked up and have been living together since June 2020. But the spending spree got worse when she moved in with me because we were two girlfriends going out as a lesbian couple  and it was $500 here and $350 there and I was actually spending more money each month than i was earning.

      My credit cards went to $25,000 in debt and I was like… WOWWWWWW… so last summer I stopped buying all the womens items I ever wanted and t-shirt after t-shirt and over 100 panties of variety and starting new years this year I told myself I only buy what I need and not just what i want. And since then I have been paying down my debt and down to $16,000 in debt now paying as much as I can against the credit card debt because the interest is painful as all those items bought werent a bargain anymore when credit card interest makes the items cost that much more. I wish i had better self control to not put myself into the mess that I am in, but in time it will all be paid off.

      But I couldnt completely stop shopping, so these days i satisfy my shopping needs by window shopping. My facebook ads have womens items that I am always clicking on to see whats new, and stuff I really like I will save the webpage of with firefox browser to look back at or someday if I really really want it and want to treat myself I can buy maybe 1 or 2 things but never open up a flood gate of spending.

      I also opened up a women within account as for I need plus size items because I have a wide torso at 6’2″ 230lbs I fit a size 9 panty, 20W jeans, and 42-46 bra and Women Within has many items that I know buying them that the sizing is correct and they will fit and so for example I bought some night gowns thru them because the night gowns I had started to fall apart that I got from amazon in the lace area after washed many times as well as I bought 1 piece swimsuits that will fit me as well as my partner and her and I are close in hip and torso size, as well as bought some more skirts, but constantly using discount codes and only buying sale items. I think since I opened the account with Women Within I have spent only $400 total as I used coupons and discounts to get like $700 in product. Also I loved getting my Pink Women Within store Credit Card as it felt like 1 step closer to me being a complete woman.

      Only drawback other than the $25,000 debt in shopping spree over 2 years was that I have so much lingerie and clothing and it exceeds the holding capacity of stuff to put it all in and so I live in an apartment and I have a walk in closet that has trash bags full of items sorted out as these 2 trash bags are panties to pick from, the other 2 are bras, the 3 others are tank tops and then the shirts, pants are all folded up and stacked to pick from. I only place special lingerie and other items I want quick access to into dresser and whats become common bulk items are in the trash bags to go to from time to time to pick items from.

      Some people said you should get rid if the excess, but the way i see it i am 46 years old and all the items will continue to fit me and I should keep it all and wear it and eventually it will all wear out and be disposed of after using it vs just throwing away good hardly worn items. Plus I am one of those that I dont like to thow away what i will use and so it will all be used and why toss it out to then have to rebuy it all over again in the future.

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      As I spend more and more time as my authentic self, I’m finding that I need more everyday clothes. This is why I’m spending money on athleisure clothes like leggings and cute sweatshirts and tops, and jeans and blouses and sweaters. I still have dresses, skirts and blouses in my wardrobe but I only wear them occasionally so I’m spending less on them. I’m also trying to raise my makeup game so I’m spending money there too.

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