What to wear while swimming?

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>So summer is really close and I am looking for advice about what to wear to go swimming. My friends and I love to hang out at the hot tub and the pool and I don’t want to miss out but I also don’t want to feel dysphoria. What do y’all do?</p>

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      Michelle Lawson

      Liam, last year I just wore a regular brief bottom and a nice swim top. Nothing too obvious until you are ready. If you are concerned about how things may be perceived, then maybe you might not be at the ‘I’m ready to wear this cute one’ point. And sometimes it is easier and better to wean others on to the new you than just pop up in their face one day. Michelle

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      Michelle Lawson

      Liam, I am terribly sorry. But it is early and I am still half asleep, and the part that is awake, well, it is in girl mode. But, it should work in the opposite as well. Some nice trunks, and a simple swim top. Baby steps, maybe not for you, but for others you interacts with. Remember, they may not be privy to what is in your head, so give them a chance, and some help, to catch up. Michelle

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        Good advice! I’m sure my friends probably won’t ask any questions since they’re pretty respectful and mind their own business if I’m subtle about it like that

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      uT gh4K33

      I just wear normal manly swimsuits. I was very self aware at first, but I realiced not too many people care about how I look. Even a close friend didn’t know I was transexual after years and we have been to the beach together, but he just never noticed I was flat down there. My breast have been removed, but before that I would either wear a manly suimsuit below with a bikini above or just a t-shirt. You can swim with a t-shirt, even in pools if they are outside, just say you have a recent tattoo or something. Hope it helps!

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