What’s the first thing you’ve done, or plan to do?

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      What’s the first thing you’ve done in regards to your transition, or what’s the first thing you plan to do?


      I just got the approval to legally change my name! Just got to get all the paperwork filled out, fingerprinting, and criminal background check!

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      Michelle Lawson

      Ryan, being the type of person I am, I always wanted to start out with what I believed were the basics. And in this case it was HRT, then enough therapy to get my first surgery. Then i had planned to wait a year for my second surgery. Alas, covid delayed the second surgery an additional year; but oh well, I’m no worse for wear. Michelle

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      I’m a recent cancer survivor, and when I was told that I might be prescribed testosterone blockers, which could result in breast growth, I thought, ok! Well then… really made me advance my thinking in a way it had never gone to before.  I’ve always been a girl/woman inside, and am fortunate to have a life partner that accepts the female me. If life circumstances bring me closer to that, why not?  For me it’s not an affront to my self identity as much as it is an affirmation of who I truly am.  This fragment of my journey leads me to think, yes, HRT, bring it on 🙂

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      I walked into work on a Monday morning as Alyna 2 weeks after my egg cracked. I thought I was a feminine gay man. 6 weeks later I got ahold of hormones and started before I saw an endo. Within 6 weeks my t level was at 6 and my e level was 400. 109 days in to transition I had my name changed and an f on my driver’s license. 825 days in I had an orchiectomy. 1367 days in I had GCS. Those that knew me as a gay man watched and were amazed as my transition was fast tracked. The job I worked at when I started discriminate against me. They repeatedly wrote me up and terminated me. I attempted suicide 93 days into transition. I was raped months before GCS. Members of my family disowned me. My partner left me. Now I live in Florida and feel there is a target on my back. I got my concealed carry permit and never leave the house unarmed as I feel like I am hunted. I am married to a wonderful man. I am disabled and a house wife. I am a retired chef. So my husband is happy and so am I.

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      Lauren Mugnaia

      I have already transitioned and am working full time as a woman, they all know that I am trans and are fully supportive. The first thing I did was go and have my nails done! I had let my own nails grow out and now I have beautiful gel overlays. The girl doing them said “you must be very committed to this change.” I asked why she said that and she replied “These are going to be on for a long time, they don’t just pop off like press on ones.” I told her that was the whole idea, I’ve always wanted my own long nails and now was the perfect time to have that goal taken care of. They are beautiful, almost half an inch long and done in what she called ‘stiletto red’. I get so many complements about them at work, the other office girls love them!!

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        Nora Kay

        To me nails are important. Always had French Gel nails the first time I started hrt. Finally got them done this time. Next Is hair removal. Waiting on insurance to see what’s covered. Face is driving me nuts. For some reason my mind won’t even let me experiment with make up until the hair is gone.

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      I have no plans for any surgery or HRT. I also have no plans for a name change. The Time to Benefit ratio doesn’t balance for me. It seems that there should be a “None Of The Above” choice…

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      I started with voice therapy. And have my appointment for HRT on May 19th. I have been talking with my care team and endocrinologist about having Orchi, instead of T Blockers. They feel it would be better for my heart. And GCS looks to be a couple years down the road.


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      I started with body hair removal, nest step is going to be HRT

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      As the waiting times for appointments here in the UK are extremely long; 3-5 years depending on which area), as much as I’d love the first step to be HRT, its a long way off, so I am planning to change my name soon. Mainly because as I go out more often, I want my ID etc to match the person I am. My driving licence photo is of a man with a beard. I dont want to have to explain that lol

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      I came out after years of self hatred, and shame.  I’ll take the rest as it comes.

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      After living 50 plus years in the wrong body the first thing I did was tell my wife.  Second was schedule the start of HRT.  Third was telling my youngest daughter.  Haven’t told my oldest yet about the HRT.  The oldest knows about my gender dysphoria but isn’t yet aware of the hormone therapy.

      I feel much more at peace and I guess time will tell how my spouse absorbs my transition.  We’ve been married a long time and I’m pretty confident that she will remain by my side.

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        Michelle, you and I seem to be on a similar path. I’m only about 10+ years ahead of you in age, as I just revealed myself to my wife. All went well. I next need to start the conversation of HRT, wish me luck!

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      Hi Ryan,

      My vote was HRT.
      I will pick up my initial estradiol patches later today. I’m on nins and peedles and just so happy.
      It’s my dream come true.

      Thanks for asking.

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      Elli Snow

      I debated on clicking “other” but chose HRT.  I moved about 2 years ago to a new state where I only knew, 4 people and one of them had transitioned over 20 years ago so it wasn’t an issue for any of them, and since I didn’t know anyone else I have always presented as a woman here.   I started HRT about a year later (first anniversary is in 2 months) and depending on finances I will probably get an Orchi done this fall and hopefully a name and gender marker change.  As far as I know my insurance will cover the surgery, so coming up with over $200 for the name change is my biggest issue currently.  $157 to file for a name and gender marker change if I do them at the same time, plus whatever a lawyer costs.

      I noticed a number of women chose manicures, which I would love but isn’t practical for me.  I probably spend a third of my time during the summer months gathering firewood for the winter, and I am a mechanic and contractor so that’s generally out of the question for me.  It took me over a year, but I’ve gotten pretty good at painting my nails but because I work with my hands most of the time it doesn’t last and it’s not unusual for me to break several nails a week, so while I love rocking my bright pink polish it generally only happens if I have some dressy type of event coming up.

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      I’m 5’11” tall and my job requires me to wear heels- usually 3″ but taller when I go out. But I am absolutely captivated by a pair of Christian Loubautin heels named Katy. They are black patent, closed pointy toes and have long slim heels that measure 4 1/2″ tall. Very sexy and very expensive. Can a gal my size get away with wearing such towering heels without looking grotesque

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      Absolutely HRT! I’m just waiting until I’m cleared medically. For me it complicated due to prior cancer.

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