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      well hello there…

      My name is Jessica , Jessica Hunter… I work here, and I carry a badge! Jessica just dated herself, sigh…

      They said I was an abomination…

      They said I dont belong

      They said, we dont want you here…

      …with head bent in sorrow and tears slowly dripping onto the pavement,

      I walked out of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and cancelled my monthly membership to the Jehovah Witness protection program…

      dug out my ruby red shoes…

      tapped my heels 3 times saying “there’s no place like home”

      and when I woke up… they said I could stay here with all of you for 30 days free… being the low life moocher I am, how could I possibly say no?

      so now..

      Jessica says YIPPEE SKIPPY, Β  Β and tosses y’all a big ole southern cyberhug…


      Fair warning: Jessica got bored so now Jessica lives in 3rd person 😁

      on a more serious note…

      hello all.



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      Back at’ cha with the hug hon, and welcome. Now you can just sing like a bird to any tune you like anytime..


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        ha ha ha, trust me, you havent heard me singing I made through the rain in duet with barry mainlow, or you may reconsider..


        xx and thank you,


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      Lauren Mugnaia

      Welcome Jessica, come and mingle with the people who dress for keeps, LOL

      My story has many similarities to yours.Β  I knew I was supposed to be a girl when I was between 3 and 4 years old and carried that knowledge with me until I finally transitioned last year.

      Lots of chats ahead, I’m sure!

      Hugs girl,

      Ms Lauren M

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        wait, I know you!


        your that lady from…


        I know I have seen you….

        I remember

        you were a dancer at bottoms up!

        You were fabulous, and what you did with that pole?



        Hi sweetness, happy to find you here!

        xx Jessie

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      Hi Jessica,

      Welcome to our TransGender Heaven (TGH) site: A Transgender Support Site. We are a wonderful, accepting, loving, helpful community where you can be safe and be yourself.

      You can read about the knowledge and experiances of others on a similar path by reading articles and in the forums and chatting in chat rooms.
      My hope is that you will become comfortable here and make many new friends.
      Glad you are here. Looking forward to seeing you on the site.
      Terri Anne, Ambassador

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        thank you so much Terri. I already feel right at home here, because of all of you, and so happy to be here. I am going to try to extend my lease with rent on a sliding scale based on … awww skip it, I will just pay the rent like everyone else..

        yeah, thats what i will do…

        feelin pretty good about it too!



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      DeeAnn Hopings


      Glad to have you with us! I hope you like it here, and probably equally as important, I hope that it will help you as your journey unfolds.

      It is pretty likely that there are many here in a similar situation as to what you describe. It is not uncommon. What you have decided to do is based on conscious thought and consideration. Personally, I think that is extremely important. The reason is that when we think about something, come to a conclusion and act upon that, all the time we are building ownership of that decision. We commit to a decision and move forward. What’s positive is the feeling that we are not just being swept alone by the tide. We are in control of what we do. I am reminded of that thought: β€œI can’t control what others think and do, but I can control what I think and do.”.

      I see that you live in a relatively remote part of North Carolina. I spent most of 2012 in Wilmington. The previous company that I worked for has a plant in Laurinburg and I made a number of visits there in the 80’s. Unfortunately I never made it further up the coast as there is a lot of history there.

      One of the things that is helpful for many is to get connected with the community. As a result of the pandemic, many LGBT centers started doing support and social groups online. This has been great for those who have transportation and scheduling issues, but it has also been very helpful for those who are not close to a metropolitan area.

      Thanks for completing your Profile page! I often have to remind people to do this as it does have significance. Since it is unlikely that many of us will ever meet in person, it provides background information as to what our situations are, our difficulties, our goals, etc.

      I encourage you to search for members who may live relatively close. Click on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

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