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      (I simply love Lisa BTW)

      This one is for the ladies out there

      It seems to be a trend recently for the power of being feminine is coming back, the masculine drive of the female empowerment movement is wavering, the concept we all have to be super career minded workaholics is leaving, being a tradwife is on the rise.

      I have be on a self discovery of my inner female and the recent resources coming available are astonishing. Of course I have been taking these types of tests for years and years. But here are some tests for the new modern age women. Personally I like the concept of reinventing yourself, that is what transition is all about in my eyes. How about you?

      Check out these tests or find your own. (If you have a better one please link it.)







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      Figured I would add my results, mine came back with the ‘Ingenue’, as I have my inner Marilyn going I am not surprised and it fits me well.  I do have a tendency to dress like a femme fatale or a boho spiritual girly girl, but I am just a little girl at heart and simply love everyone.



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      Lauren Mugnaia

      I took both quiz tests and my main strength is ‘Lover’ with the secondary traits being ‘Maiden’ and ‘Mother’.
      That seems to match well with how I feel, and friends and the women I work with all tell me that I am a very kind, caring, gentle, thoughtful and empathetic.
      I’m told that when dressed and made up I present as a “classy lady”.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      Mother, I always rejected that. But reality says otherwise. As the eldest ‘son’. I was the babysitter of choice for our neighbours and friends. I took it seriously I really minded those kids.

      Sometimes I was tried badly.

      Later my younger sisters used their older brother to look after their children when they went about socially. Of course that was me.

      They were right because I was always trustworthy. I often went to London where my sisters lived. My presence allowed them to have a night out. It was lovely.

      In all of the above. I loved being around my nieces and nephews. They were mine.

      Then I was married and had children of my own. My
      Wife had the better job. I tried to keep my dignity and be a worker.

      I brought up my boys. I’m proud of that. I was their de facto Mother.

      My wife was there bu

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      DeeAnn Hopings

      Lover – Sophisticate

      Yes, comfortable with both. The Lover part is related to a tactile sense: skin, clothing materials, etc.

      Sophisticate relates to my desire to be stylish, but not necessarily in style, and avoiding fads. I like what I like. My interests and activities cover a broad range. It has always been like that and looks to continue.

      Anyway, my interpretations of the test results play out…

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      I took the quiz and it came back that I am a Huntress.

      “You are strong, independent, and self-reliant – a force to be reckoned with. You care greatly about your personal freedom and are ready to take on the world. Your free spirit and your courage to walk your own path inspire others around you.”

      I don’t ever think of myself as courageous but all of us that take the path of transition have courage. Also, the highly personal nature of our journeys forces us to be self reliant to some extent.

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