Who Did You First "Come Out" to???

Who did you Come out to First? Who did you tell?

Who was the first person to know about the real you?

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  • My Mother
  • My Father
  • My Sister/s
  • My Brother/s
  • My Spouse/Partner
  • My Child, Children.
  • Other Family Members
  • My Best Friend
  • Friends
  • Work Colleague/s
  • I did it on Social Media
  • I'm still in the closet.
  • None of the above (Explain in comments)

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    Hi Everyone.

    It’s time again for the TGH monthly poll, And this month It’s all about “Coming Out”.

    Who did you tell first?

    Did you plan it ahead of time running scenarios through your mind? , Did you blurt it out in an unplanned way or did someone guess and ask?

    You may even still be in the closet contemplating how to go about it.

    We’re doing Multiple answer’s for the first time too so feel free to vote on any and all that apply to you.

    As always your responses may help others in our community who are following in your brave footsteps.

    I look forward to your Coming Out story’s and why am I now humming McCartneys “Coming Up” now .lol

    I guess it still works “Coming Out…..Like a flower …Coming out!!!

    Hugs Cami xx

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     Meran Berwyck 


    I saw over 70% responded to Spouse.  I’m one of them.  But it wasn’t a good thing.

    I hid my crossdressing from both of my exes and came out to both.  The first one flipped out as if I had just committed murder!  Not long after, I divorced her.  I came out to my 2nd ex about six months into the marriage.  She accepted it but she asked that I keep it in the closet (inside the home).   But after some time, she got tired of it all.  She missed the man she married, she wanted a man in bed with her, every night.  Well, I couldn’t do that.  I was too far into my ‘need’ to feel comfortable.  Guess who was the first to have an affair!

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     Sheryl Johnstone 


    More like ‘coming clean’ to those who busted me, first was my younger sister when we were teenagers.

    Second was my fiance who went ahead with the wedding and we are still together after 45 years.

    Third etc was housekeeper, neighbour, friends and adult daughter.

    Then came the first time I actually told someone who had not busted me.

    Our adult son had to know.  Our daughter was becoming a little stressed in keeping the family secret from her brother.

    My wife was stressed over our son’s partner, then mother of our granddaughter, now his fiance and with a second granddaughter

    The partner comes from a highly religious background, my wife’s concerns were that I would not be accepted by the partner and that we would be alienated from the granddaughter.

    The end result was somewhat of an anticlimax, with both son and partner fully accepting Sheryl and inviting me to be with them as Sheryl on my next visit.

    At the time, they were living 4000km away from us and we only visited 2 or 3 times a year.

    That next trip was a delight when Sheryl  did meet the partner and was treated to a lunch/shopping outing, but that’s another story.


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     Janice Buchanan 


    I came out of the closet with my girlfriend

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     Todd Maki 


    I came out to my partner(girlfriend) when we first were dating. She’s fine with me transitioning to a female. We’ve been together 7 years. and even my transition will not break us apart. She absolutely loves my real self(feminine).

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     Chris Landwer 


    I first came out to my doctor, then my wife.

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