Wigs for Large Head-Sized Women

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      Couldn’t find anything else about wigs in a Forum Search, so I’m giving it a go…

      I have let my hair grow in trying to give myself more “feminine cues” when I go out places.  However, I have very thinning hair with tons of split ends – and don’t like how it looks.  I’d like to get a nice wig that’s around my color (“salt and pepper” look) but I want one that’s long, perhaps wavy (NOT curly).

      I’ve hit may wig store sites, but all the wigs in the hairstyle and color I want only go up to a medium-sized head or smaller – for more ‘feminine craniums’.  All the larger sized head wigs are short – more for someone with complete hair loss (bald, due to cancer treatments or alopecia) – their either “Jamie Lee Curtis” short, or tight curls or a short bob – no long, flowing styles that can fit large heads.

      A new Trans-femme friend I made through my TG peer group has the issue of “male-pattern baldness” receding hairline and is also looking for a wig that will fit our larger heads.

      The only places I’ve found thus far for large head sizes with long hair have been Drag Queen supply sites – and the hairstyles are usually “fantasy hair” – 50’s-60’s era excessively-large bouffant hairdos, or long wigs in silvery-white or some rainbow colors with sparkles.  Great for Drag Queen runway shows, but not to dress conservatively and go shopping at the local grocery store, trying to look like every other middle-aged Mom there!

      Anyone have any leads on everyday hairstyle long wigs for large heads online?  Post some URLs.

      Keeping my fingers crossed…

      If there’s nothing like that out there, would there even be a MARKET for such wigs?  That same Trans-lady friend thinks it would be a good business opportunity to serve the Trans-Female market!

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      Dana Munson

      I’ll be interested to see what, if any, leads develop here. I had the same problem – that is, even the “large” wigs in styles I would consider were tight on my head. My (male) hat size is 7-1/2, a ways beyond your average woman’s cranium.  Wearing a wig more than a few hours was an irritating experience – literally. Fortunately, I don’t have the balding issues you describe, although I have lost a bit of hairline.  So, over this past hot (!!) summer, I finally said “to hell with it” and put down money on extensions. When they come out in December, my own hair will (hopefully) be at a length I can live with as my mane keeps growing out.

      Still, it’ll be good to know where a good-fitting wig, in a reasonable, mature, non-drag-queen style, can be had for my large head.  One never knows when a back-up plan may be needed!!

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      Hi Maria,  When I was just at Diva Las Vegas I had a chance to visit with Morgana of Las Vegas Wigs and Fashions.  She is very skilled in the wig art and I’m sure would be willing to talk to you.  She also has a zillion wigs  in her store and can work from your picture if you can’t see her in person.  So, perhaps you might give her a call at 303-906-9320 or if you’re in Vegas see her studio at 4229 W Sahara.  She did say that she is familiar with the wigs that fit larger heads.  I hope that this helps.  Marg

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