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    Vanessa Torres

    So I’m 33 years old. Still living as a cis man. I recently came out as a woman to one friend. She is so happy for me and can’t wait to be on this journey with me. She actually suggested I join an online support group. But I have a question. Will I be accepted if even though I’m transgender, I’m a conservative/Republican. Lately I’ve been more independent, but I’m definitely not a liberal/Democrat. I’m not a libertarian either. I believe in conservative values for the most part. I do believe in God and was raised catholic, although I don’t really follow the catholic faith anymore. I just believe in God. I believe that you have to live a good life and not hurt anyone. I believe in heaven and hell. I believe that if I’m transgender, people here will still accept me even though I’m a conservative/Republican. Am I wrong?

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      Stephanie Green


      Welcome, Vanessa.  Be yourself.  Based on my experiences, I don’t think your politics or religion will cause any problems with you being accepted here.

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      DeeAnn Hopings



      I doubt if will have any difficulty here. We don’t discussion religion and politics outright, so it is sort of a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell situation. However, I would suggest that you choose your words carefully as trans people have been targeted by the Republican Party and some may be particularly sensitive to that. We’ve also seen significant increases of violence directed towards trans people over the last several years; trans women of color in particular. Being a Black trans person, this is something that is clearly worrisome to me. However, the unhinged rhetoric regarding “Law and Order” doesn’t seem to apply as the perpetrators of crimes against trans people are rarely caught.

      So yes, be aware of what you say and the potential impact for others. We don’t ask what people’s leanings are. On the other hand, respectful behavior is a requirement for all of us…

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      CC Webb
      Managing Ambassador


      Carly said it quite well, Vanessa.  Those other things are part of your identity and we recognize that, however topically they can be quite divisive and there are plenty of sites where you can discuss them.  We also don’t allow for sex talk as in specific acts.  Conversely our sexuality can be discussed as it is something many of us do find a struggle a we go about our gender journeys.

      Welcome to TGH

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      Vanessa Torres


      Thank you Carly. I was a bit worried about being rejected. All I want is to be accepted as the true woman that I am. Thanks again.

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      Carly Holloway


      Hi, Vaness, and welcome to TGH.  I think you’ll find acceptance and support here for your changing and exciting new life.  That’s what we’re here for!.  We steadfastly avoid discussions off religion, politics and other controversial or potentially divisive topics…there are other sites for that but not this one.  I think that everyone else would agree with me that you’ll be okay here.  Welcome to sisterhood, hon


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