You Can be Anything You Want To Be

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    Growing up, you may have been told the same, you can be anything you want to be. And I am sure after thinking about it, you may want to say you wanted to be a girl but you where told you can cause your a boy. I am not saying that what we want to remember is fake or not real, unconsciously maybe you did have the inner thoughts of doing what girls do and hoping someday you would grow up and be what you wanted to be.

    Was life all about growing up to be a big sports star, or the heroic Fireman, Respectable Policeman.  Or did you want to be the mad Scientist. (I leaned more to the Mad Scientist).

    That being said, yes some of my early memories are of transitioning in some unrealistic ways would somehow be related to what I wanted to be. Who else wished they would be kidnapped and flown to Switzerland and forced to have a sex change, the term of those days. And return home 10 yrs later to your family as a woman.

    Or more realistically, a mad scientist,  who has a break throw in nano technology that would would change you chromosomes from a xy to xx. That one was the one that I thought would be most promising.

    Here now at 40, now of that happened, but I did do the best to get what I wanted in life. I have children and depending on how you look at things, I love them as a mother, or how I believed a mother would love a child. And most say I am a good father, until they get to knowing about my gender issues. but all in all. No matter what I say. I had thought at sometime I want to grow up and be a wife to wonderful husband and being a soccer mom who owned a minivan. Funny thing is, I did all that, just not as woman, cause no matter what, I cant take that from the female that had my kids. She will be mom. Ill always have to settle with just being dad.

    you all have a wonderful evening!

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