Getting back to normal?

So, the world attempting to get back to normal, at least that is the phrase I keep hearing from people around me, over and over. I overhear others having a conversation among themselves saying things are finally getting back to normal.

My question is, what specifically is this “normal” people are talking about? And do we really want to get “back” to what was or maybe, just maybe, we can build something better?

It appears to me that normal is suffering, stress, resistance and the voices shouting “you are supposed to do your life like this” then they point out the many ways we “should” be, in order to be, like them.

En Femme Style

Normal is simply an opinion

Whether held by one or more people, who have decided their way is right, and the rest of the planets people are wrong.

I would prefer we get back to natural. Natural is living, expressing, and allowing whatever it is within you to be expressed openly and, well, naturally.

I am naturally a friendly, outgoing person who wishes people an amazing day at every opportunity. What is natural for me is to laugh, play and have fun in everyday adventures; to not take life’s events so seriously to cause drama and stress.

Life is but a dream

My favorite song is Row, Row, Row your boat and my favorite song lyric is the heading here.

Understanding this has given me the freedom to simply be me, authentically and naturally.

I recall a line I heard Will Smith say in an interview many years ago; “I know who I am and what I want to gift the people of our planet. What you do with that is your business, what I do with that is my business; it’s just that simple.”

I have searched for my right label, looked for the right place and group to fit into, the right way to “be” in the world only to find that alas, there are far too many opinions of what is normal to try to live up to while continuing to deny the authentic, free self to emerge, express, and simply “be”.

I have spent most of my life attempting to be what many have said I should be according to their opinion of what is normal, and in this, I have created more suffering, anxiety, self-loathing than most can imagine.

The truth is each of us is born, to simply “be”. Not what any other person on the planet says we should be, no, we are born to be our authentic self, our natural self. Expressing, laughing, dancing and simply creating a magical adventure called life.

We are creators of the reality we experience. Ask, and it will be given, seek and we will find; if we look for the evil in someone, or the world, we are sure to find it. The same is true when we look for the good.

What do you look for in the world?

Let us all help the world get back to what is natural by allowing others to be that which they have come here to be, their natural and authentic self, expressing in the way that makes them feel most alive, contributory, and free on the planet.

There is no normal, no right and wrong way to live, there is only the natural expression of each soul to fully become what ever it is that is trying to emerge from within.

Toss normal and all the stress, anxiety and suffering that accompany the actions of trying to be normal, directly out the window and choose to be natural.

Choose to “be you”

The people that matter don’t mind, and the people that mind, simply do not matter; if they do not support you in “being” and fully expressing your natural authentic self, they are the ones who are stuck in a set of long outdated beliefs and constructs; they are stuck in the “normal” loop, and that, is not natural.

This week, I wish you everything wonderful you can imagine; getting out of your own way and allowing what is natural to express will improve not only your own adventure but also the lives of everyone you encounter.

Let’s give normal the boot, and get back to natural…

Thank you so much for reading and commenting in Your Weekly Reset, You are appreciated my friends.

n huggles



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From a life of struggle, addiction and suicide attempts, to Published Author, Certified Life Coach/Certified Hypnotist and building an online support service for peeps like us. Intentionally and Consciously Creating a Rewarding, Abundant Life of Purpose, Passion & Possibility is what I Am all about...

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Natasha Belle
Natasha Belle(@natashabelle)
2 years ago

Great Article Char. People being forced to conform to a perceived ‘Normal’ is the cause of much pain and misery in the world. We would all do well to start treating each other as we’d like to be treated, and stop forcing our prejudices onto others. Maybe it can happen. I really hope so.

Tia Tracy
Tia Tracy
2 years ago

Awesome article Char. Always in the running for optimism and vision. Huggz Tia 💋 

Billie Ellen Grey
Billie Ellen Grey(@billieellengrey)
2 years ago

“Normal" is every bit an illusion as gender is a societal construct. Loved loved loved this article.

Sarah Sierra
Sarah Sierra
2 years ago

My life has been a chaotic mess for the past 5 years, from losing my job during a Workers Comp Claim and receiving no compensation, to being forced into a disability pension with spinal conditions, now I am going through a divorce, I don’t get to see my son, forced into selling the house I bought prior to my marriage, having difficulties in purchasing a replacement home or finding a cheap rental as the real estate market has gone crazy here, and finding out I may lose a portion of my pension. Life doesn’t seem very promising for me at… Read more »

Nell Wordsworth
2 years ago

I’m 47 and my whole life I have never known what normal is in fact to me it’s a swear word .😁 I came out last year and have been so happy a few bumps but such joy and fun , isn’t that what life is about 💜 live love be free and most of all be happy 💜💜💜💋💋💋

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