Is Your Physical Transition Languishing?

Every once in a while a gem of information falls into your lap offering hope for something better.  In this case it comes from Dr. William J. Powers, D.O. a family medicine physician in Michigan and in the form of a recorded lecture and PowerPoint.   For those of you who are already well-informed this may be an exercise in reviewing what you already know.  But, for those of you like myself this may be a source of knowledge to learn and share with your provider in order to help get past a stalled or sluggish transition. 

Dr. Powers provides a number of examples where prescribed solutions weren’t right for the individual. He notes where prescribed treatments were wrong based on their situation.  People who thought no more physical changes were possible would have them realized 20 years after starting their transition.   My own story includes one where I had to persuade my care provider, in a less than knowledgeable way, to alter my HRT regimen.  We who are not clinically oriented need a voice to articulate alternatives that can enable us to achieve our desired goals and this is one that may help you.

What Dr. Powers presents is based from his care of over 1500 transgender patients, which alone speaks for itself.  He references WPATH and UCSF guidelines and much of the old research they are built on.  However, as I’ve found with other DO’s I’ve worked with in my lifetime, IMO he listens to his patients and earnestly works steadfastly to find the right answers for them, transcending the current medical dogma of care standards when necessary and appropriate. This has led to an increasing number of transgender people coming to him from all over, and is at the point where he may soon have to stop accepting new patients.  In fact, the link below is a lecture that he gave to other healthcare providers, and is intended as a means to share his knowledge with them. He states he plans to document it with formal publications in the future.

Dr. Powers makes some powerful arguments that may assist others with getting their own physicians to consider alternatives to the current prescribed care and tests being performed.   The PPT and video are both targeted toward providers. You might need interpretive help from someone more knowledgeable if you’re not up on some of the things he discusses.

This is his webpage where you can access a download of the PPT.  It is continually being revised, but as of this writing date 8/14/19 it goes with the video.

This is a YouTube of a lecture he gave in June of 2019.  It’s two hours long so get some popcorn and a steno pad and settle in. You’ll want to make note of specifics so you can start to take your personal care into your own hands with a modicum of knowledge and a useful tool to give to your provider.


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CC Webb

Not quite full on southern girl who loves being classy and is spiritual, but knows how to have fun of which being sassy with a heart is part. I really love interacting with people and deeply care for everyone on the trans spectrum. I began living my authentic life full time June, 8 2018. I originally hale from the beautiful state of WV, but now reside in VA where my family has gravitated for generations.

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Teri Myers

Cloe, I took the time to watch and listen to Dr. Powers lecture. I have an appointment with my
physician next month to discuss my beginning hrt. After viewing Dr. Powers I am really concerned
about how this will take place. All that he explained seem to make better since. How do you convince
your physician that this sounds like a much better route to take? I have waited so very long to begin
transition I hate to put it off any longer but we all must consider our long term health.

Melissa Stack

Cloe, Thank you so much for posting the links to Dr. Powers lecture and slide show. I found this information to be quite valuable. I wish more physicians took such a concerted interest in the health needs of transgender people. As I chart the course of my own transition it’s provided me valuable information to be a better informed patient when discussing my own options with my physicians.

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