It’s a Start…or is it?

The older I get, the less I believe I’m still starting anything. There may be that rare moment when I partake on something completely new and different, but this journey that I’ve been on for nearly 50 years isn’t one of them. Every little goal that I achieve, I find myself saying, “Well, it’s a start.” The me, full of lifelong lessons and maturity responds, “Or is it?”

I think this is so because I don’t know what the ending is. I can look back over my life and point out the wayward signs that led me to this place; the multiple starts at becoming… what exactly. This is my unanswered question. Just what am I trying to become. The possibilities vary with the changing of the seasons. One day, I’m ready to jump all in, the next day I want to pull back. I can only see the haphazardly walked path forward by looking back at where I began and where I am today. Like a chart tracking years of returns on an investment, my journey has been up and down, but it seems to always and eventually keep climbing higher.

Nearly a year ago, I began helping others put their thoughts into words, helping them to share their stories as I agreed to become the resident editor on both sites. I’ve seen similarities between all of us, been amazed, heartbroken, angry, and joyful in my empathy with those who share their lives with the rest of us. We all need to see it; I need to see it. I am far from alone, and my path is my path, no matter how long it takes or whether or not I can point to a definitive end.

I’m pushing 60, and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Does it matter; did it ever? I have the tendency to be introverted and filled by anxieties. My mind never shuts down—it’s why I write novels. It’s also why I over-think every detail that I see. My vision and comprehension of a particular scene is fairly vast. I notice the obvious and the not so obvious. I’ve also had to adjust my life around my diminished hearing–a result of several years working in a pressroom at a newspaper. I can become easily frustrated by other’s lack of awareness at the world around them. This isn’t a reflection on them, but on me. I see the shadows lurking and wonder what’s hiding. Most, contently walk by in happy oblivion and enjoy the sun.

This has been hard to overcome and no amount of yoga and meditation makes it easier for me. The daily stress in my shoulders causes them to sit well above the top of my head…figuratively speaking. When you add in my uncertainty about who (what) I am, there are times that my mind simply has to retreat; I’m compelled to take a nap…to reboot my system. When I’ve gotten to that point, no amount of coffee could keep me awake.

I was once a typical, cocky male with an ego, who had a fetish for high heels and lingerie. Now, I’m more feminine than male (inside); I’m kinder, more afraid, questionably uncertain, still hopeful, persistently doubtful, highly empathetic, magically wishful, and… still searching for an ending. I’ve come to the decision—though I’ve said this before, written it down on my checklist and never completed it, that it’s time to meet with a professional and potentially take the next step. I have to. My anxiety is winning out over contentment with my life–not that I have much in that regard. 

I spend too much time analyzing reasons for the thoughts and desires that I have. In the past, it was always to find some method to eradicate them. Somewhere along the way, the inward looking became more of a search for understanding and acceptance, and recently an acknowledgement that I’m neither male nor female, and I don’t know which one I want to be. I’m not sure if I would find the elusive contentment by undergoing physical and chemical alterations—would they just shift my perspectives—and anxieties? There are some stronger feelings that indicate a need to step over some lines and at least blur the two sides in shared compromise. It also means a day of reckoning with friends and family is on the horizon. My shoulders will never relax until that happens; that moment when all the fears are faced and all that’s left for me to do is to move forward. I know I can handle it…

I’m ready for a nap…


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I've been on this path for nearly 50 years, beginning at age 7 when I wore my grandma's old dresses with my cousins. It felt natural. Later, I went through the fetish stage and fought with my insides. After my divorce 13 years ago, I let Brina out only to bury her away during another relationship. Over the last 6 years, I've found out more about who I am, the path that I'm on, and what it means to be transgendered. I've also been much happier since I acknowledged and accepted myself for who I am. I'm still much in the closet as responsibilities take precedence. It doesn't help being an introvert by nature, but I will gracefully walk (mostly, ok, not so gracefully) this path as I become a better me.

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Oh Brina, that nail has a very flat head now hahaha I have lived that blurred path for a while, do I want to be male or female…I was awake nights, smoking a LOT of pot to numb out and constantly feeling obsessed with finding an answer to my question. Finally, I changed the question and made a statement…I Am both male and female, and I choose to dress and present more feminine than masculine according to the current general construct. I was trying, unwittingly, to find my label, the box I fit into, the place I fit… I keep… Read more »

Shanda Labonte

Your statement “I’m neither male or female” prompted me to reply. I’ve always said and feel that I’m too much of a man to be a woman and too much of a woman to be a man. I feel pretty lost as a consequence💃

Active Member

I felt the same, I decided to be both and dress how ever I feel in the moment, as best I can hehehe

M Chloe Harris

” . . . just returned from a trip to Disney with my daughter and granddaughters. I loved my male time with them, but I found myself wishing . . . ” Sabrina I am about to be 64 and am right there with ya have 3 grandchildren I enjoy and care for constantly! If unsure “where to start”, “what to do” you do know that “self-help” is available lord knows that going to, finding a therapist can certainly be terrifying! In any event, I suggest you work on the “acceptance” part rather than jumping two feet into and worrying… Read more »

CC Webb
Active Member

Rest well my friend. The sun will rise and you get to bask in the joy it can bring too. I know it’s hard to look at the sunny side of things when there is so much going on inside. I’ve been there. What I can say is that once you figure a few things out the vision of the path forward does get more clear and it has many possibilities that all can be wonderful.

Stephanie Kennedy

I get so sad when I read stories like yours I can relate my sister 💔. I get tired to too . I am 65 years old. I am so greatful to have company in this journey. I not only get tired I get a little pissed off that we have to make this journey. There is no one to get mad at. I get so lost. Are we on a journey to prove to ourselves that we are real? Sabrina we are real . We are woman that did not get the rite bodies. Without those bodies or at… Read more »

April Serrano

Thanks for sharing Sabrina. I can empathize with a lot of what you wrote. I recently started seeing a therapist, and it has been helpful to have someone else to talk with about all of this, especially as my wife becomes less happy with the situation. Also I like having a day where I can at least go somewhere as April. I often don’t have the courage (or time) to get ready and go somewhere. I’m getting better at that, but I like going to the therapist as April (I did that from day 1, and I’m really glad I… Read more »

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