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Hello Girls, my name is Paige and although it’s been a while since I’ve last written an article I’m back now and would like to share so many things with all the girls here.

Remember that we are all here for the same reason, that this is an amazing place that Vanessa has created for each and everyone of us to feel comfortable and safe.

I know most of you here are probably afraid to come out to family and friends but once you do, you won’t have to worry about hiding your true identity anymore.


The point of no return is that once you pass the point of no return it’s easier to continue forward rather than go backwards. I live as a female and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. It’s not the outside that matters, but you have to believe in your heart and soul that you are a woman. I’ve spent years hiding but not anymore, it’s such a wonderful feeling that people see you as a female and call you pronouns like miss or mam and using the ladies room in public without anyone correcting you.

The COVID 19 is a blessing in disguise to cross dressers or trans girls because your face is half covered so with a little eye makeup no one can really tell.

Let me tell you a true story that happened to me yesterday. I usually don’t wear much makeup when I have to just go out to run errands or shopping, but yesterday I wore makeup and let my hair down instead of wearing it up. Anyway, I had gone to the drive thru of my local bank to make a withdrawal and was refused because they said I wasn’t who I was ? They asked me to park and come inside so they could look at me to see if I was a male or female. I told them point blank that I was a transgender woman and that I would answer any questions to make them happy. I gave them answers to three security questions and told them the last four or five transactions, I even opened up my bank app in front of them and to open it you needed fingerprints and a Face ID, they wouldn’t give me the money. After waiting for about an hour with the manager, I was told to bring more proof, so I drove back home to get my birth certificate. They finally understood that I was transgender now and no longer living as a male but as a female full time. To tell you the truth I wasn’t embarrassed and they actually made me feel good inside, because I knew that they saw me as a female and were in disbelief that I looked so real, they apologized and told me that I was very pretty.

It’s not what’s between your legs that makes you female it’s what’s between your ears. If you believe in your heart that your a woman that’s all that matters.

You have to blend in and not over do dressing in public, study genetic females how they dress, act, walk, talk and feel confident.

It took me years to come out to family and friends, some accepted me and some didn’t, but I live life for me and that’s what matters.

I think one advantage that I have is I’m very petite and thin, I’m only 4’11 and weigh about 118 pounds. I also have natural long hair, almost to my waist, to me having long hair is what makes me feel even more feminine. It’s so nice going out shopping at girls boutiques with not one person looking at you thinking that’s a man, it’s an amazing feeling that words can’t explain.

Right now I’m going though something – getting ready to lose my mother who is in a hospice dying of cancer throughout her entire body; it’s heart breaking for me, because once she passes and probably before thanksgiving, I will be alone in the world with no family. I know I have friends here and that touches my heart to know that.

The hair salon I go to twice a month knows I’m transgender but treat me like a female, as a matter of fact the girl who styles my hair said we should hang out sometime, telling me I was very attractive, but she said if we go out as girlfriends try not to look better than me and she made me laugh.

Thank you so much Vanessa creating this amazing site for us to be ourselves, I hope everyone here finds the right path to follow on their journey whether they are married or not please, don’t hide your true self, they will either accept you or not but in the end it’s worth it.

May God bless each and everyone of you, stay safe and well, hopefully one day society will accept us, after all gays and lesbians are accepted so transgender girls should be too.

Love and Happiness, Paige xoxo


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Paige Valentina

Transgender female who is extremely feminine and highly passable as a woman. I absolutely love being a girl.

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Melissa Clay
Melissa Clay
4 months ago

 Paige Valentina The bank got one thing right, you are beautiful.  You were very patient with them to your credit.  I am glad you preserved and they finally acknowledged you.
i am very sorry about you Mother and will be thinking of you.  I hope you can spend a lot of time with her.  Love,

Toni Floria
Active Member
Toni Floria(@mustangtoni)
4 months ago

 Paige Valentina hey Paige. Just read your article it was very encouraging and you look great! Hugs to you Toni

JAKe Hatmacher
Active Member
JAKe Hatmacher(@middleground)
5 months ago

Paige, I had so much fun reading your article. You are absolutely right. You have to be yourself. You have to let your own spirit soar. I am so much happier now. I’m not petite like you. I’m 5’11" and 158 lbs, but my surgeon and her fellow in training one day after my surgery called me petite. I laughed and said to them, “You must be kidding!" They said they were serious. I’m told all the time I’m very thin. I guess, although I’m a tall girl, I’m petite in a way, too. Whatever, it has been three-quarters of… Read more »

Marcie Walko
Marcie Walko(@marciewalko)
3 years ago

What a wonderful story. I would like to think that I would be thrilled to have the same issue with my bank. Maybe I will in the future. But I rarely interact with them personally. I really like the way you put things about BEING a woman. It’s more than just the outward appearance, but an attitude of being feminine. It’s the persona that matters the most, and how we see ourselves on the inside. Not the unfortunate birth defect between our legs. I am taking the advantage of mask wearing too, with a little eye makeup. Wearing some leggings,… Read more »

Michelle Renee
Michelle Renee(@msmichellejrenee)
3 years ago

That has to be very upsetting Paige. While I don’t know where you live I’m assuming that you are in the U.S. You gals certainly have more issues to confront than we do here in Canada. In Ontario where I live, I would have lodged a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights board. That bank would never have been allowed to treat you the way they did. Once you passed their challenge, that should have been the end of it. I have spent my last 6 winters in Florida and it is always more of a challenge for me. It’s… Read more »

𝓜𝒾𝓈𝓈 𝓒𝓁ℴℯ́ 💋💋
Active Member
3 years ago

You are beautiful Paige! I think I may have been a little more upset at the banks behavior when the security questions had been answered, but I have no problem sharing my identity when there’s a legitimate reason. Today, I addressed “the elephant" in the room with a coworker at a new job who knew my whole history from personal connections. It was freeing to just let him know I didn’t care who knew as long as it didn’t effect my employment. In fact a few others there had worked with me when I was a client of this company… Read more »

3 years ago

Paige , hi , i lost my mom three years ago and she was my only kin , so i know what you are feeling and what you are going through . I have came out to only one man , i care for him and have known him since high school . He was getting ready for knee surgery and said he was ok with it . Its been several weeks and i haven’t herd anything from him . I hope i haven’t lost him as a friend , i guess time will tell . If and when he… Read more »

Nayana Kumari
Nayana Kumari(@nayana)
3 years ago

I am crossdresser, family support me, iam indian.hence wearing women clothing as sarees salwar kameez suits. I drive car and take outing with mom and dady. I take between ess for both mom and dad. Use to wear vagina panty and breastform. I am happy with the help and support of mon and dad.

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