My Daily moment of Zen

I love pantyhose. There, I’ve said it. I love wearing them; I love the way they look; I love the way they feel. I just love everything about them, including caring for them.

I have a dozen or more in my current rotation, and many, many more in reserve. Like panties, I can never seem to have enough, and I always buy them when I find them in my size, especially if it’s a style or brand I have not tried. A quick note on sizing: I always focus on the height measurements first. If they are not long enough to stay up, you will be forever disappointed by that pair. As for the weight, I confess I always buy a size larger than the chart shows. I just don’t like struggling to get them on, and perhaps that helps them last. I have one cherished pair of Wolford pantyhose that I have kept in good shape despite regular wear for over 5 years now, and I credit that to their being on the larger size, but I digress.

I wear pantyhose in the evenings, when I get home from work, with my chosen outfit, which is most often dresses or pleated skirts and gowns. I just love gowns, especially wedding gowns. (All that satin and lace: heavenly!) And I love the feel of my satin sheets on my nylons at night.


Sadly, I have to take them off in the morning to return to drab mode and work, but this is one of my cherished moments during the day. I soak my nylons in a sink of cool water with just a few drops of Dawn dish detergent (don’t judge me, it’s working!) while I shave and freshen up. Then I allow myself a few minutes of bliss as I work the suds through my nylons and think of my joy in wearing them. These few minutes of Zen every morning have become some of my favorite times for self-reflection. Such a simple act of self-care, but so meaningful.

Left to air dry on the towel rod until the next morning when the next pair is then set to hang and dry. They are good to go back in their original packaging and back into the pantyhose drawer.



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    Eve Bell

    Life long cross dressing, only now learning to accept my true self.

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    Jaimee Farmer
    Jaimee Farmer(@jaimeefarmer)
    8 months ago

    I love a nice pair of thigh high stay ups or with a garter belt. I think I have at least one pair of every pattern and color available. Some are just cheap one use throw aways but, most are very nice expensive stockings. I wear them everyday under my masc. clothes while at work and put on a fresh pair when I get home. Nothing like that feeling on freshly shaved legs.

    Roxanne Lanyon
    Roxanne Lanyon(@roxanne)
    9 months ago

    I too enjoy pantihose! But truly, I enjoy wearing thigh high stockings! I feel so sexy in them, and I know, they would really excite a man to see me in them. That would make me feel so like a lady!
    Miss Roxanne Lanyon

    Eunice Irwin
    Eunice Irwin(@eunice63)
    10 months ago

    And one other thing: keep the toenails clipped close and filed. Filing will remove any nicks or burrs, so often responsible for tearing the toes out with a run. In summer, open toe pantyhose are great for showing off your painted nails and completing the “look.”

    Eunice Irwin
    Eunice Irwin(@eunice63)
    10 months ago

    If I could add but one bit of input, it is this: invest in a pair of “hosiery gloves” to use when donning your hosiery. These will pay for themselves in time by preventing self-induced runs when getting dressed. At times I am too lazy to use them, only to be confronted by a ruined pair of hose. I tend to misplace my gloves occasionally, and thus keep an extra pair handy.

    Jill Markauskaite
    Jill Markauskaite(@jillnextdoor)
    10 months ago

    maybe it is the way I was raised? You never go out in public without some kind of hosiery — even just wearing jeans and flats, I also have knee-highs on.

    10 months ago

    According to the trans femme Sydney Lovekiss on YouTube, pantyhose (or tights as we call them here in the UK) are a definite no-no for us, as they have fallen out of general use except in formal situations such as some office workplaces. What do others think?

    Meran Berwyck
    Meran Berwyck(@meran)
    10 months ago

    I share your love of pantyhose. I usually have 3-4 pair waiting for wash day (any day), before I actually take care of them. I can get up to 6 wearings on a good pair. Most last only up to 4. I don’t know how many pair I have on hand, many new pair for sure. If I had to guess, I’d say at least 200 pair, whether worn and washed or new. I don’t wear the same type every day, I change to something different each day. As for washing and caring for them, I take great care of… Read more »

    Toni Floria
    Active Member
    Toni Floria(@mustangtoni)
    10 months ago

    Love the feeling of shear hose on my legs so feminine

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