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Hi everyone!

I would first like to thank Vanessa for creating this wonderful site where we can express our femininity and make friends with girls who are truly amazing. Ever since the early age of nine, I’ve felt like a female. I was never into things that boys like. Over the years, especially during my teenage years, it was difficult being different. For awhile, I hid my dressing. As the years went by, I realized that I didn’t care anymore what people thought and wanted to live my life as a woman.

Like so many of us, I married and my wife couldn’t accept my gender identity. She mentally abused me to the point where I filed for divorce. I also lost family and friends but, to tell you the truth, it didn’t bother me because I couldn’t hide my true identity anymore. So I said “goodbye” to my past and looked forward to my future.

En Femme Style

It took years to achieve my goals in life. Today, I am finally happy with what I see when I look in the mirror . After years of studying how real girls acted, dressed and communicated with body language, I have finally found out that I pass in public as a woman. People use female pronouns like “miss” or “ma’am,” and even “honey.” I’m very petite at about 5′ and weigh about 120 pounds, so that helps. I’ve had no surgeries or hormones, but my long blonde hair is natural and my breasts are petite but noticeably protrude. When I went to the store the other day, the female cashier said “good morning, miss.” It made me smile. Later that day at the supermarket, a cute guy tried to pick me up and told me I was cute.

This happens almost every day in public, so knowing now that others perceive me as a woman makes my day. Like real girls, I don’t wear makeup except if I’m going somewhere special and usually just wear mascara and light lipstick . I’ll wear skinny jeans or leggings with either flats or a cute pair of sneakers and a feminine top. I love rompers — they are adorable — and I love shopping for new clothes and shoes.

I’ve been fortunate, almost losing my life a few times. In 2005, I had lung surgery for a severe pneumonia. I also had a massive heart attack this past May. Then, very recently – and I’m still trying to believe it because it feels like I’m dreaming — I inherited a small fortune. I can now go anywhere and do anything. To all my friends here, please live your life for you, even if it means giving up everything you had because the rewards are worth it. Just like any other girl, I prefer the companionship of men. I haven’t found that man of my dreams yet, but I’m sure he is out there. When that day comes, my life will be complete.

My name is Paige and I hope to make many new friends here.




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Paige Valentina

Transgender female who is extremely feminine and highly passable as a woman. I absolutely love being a girl.

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Vicky Torres
Vicky Torres(@lioness)
2 years ago

Paige, that is awesome and I hope you do find the man of your dreams and thanks for giving us the courage to be who we are.

4 years ago

This seems to be an article that was posted awhile ago. For me I am so happy that I found your very inspirational well written article…I have accepted the woman within..Due to debilitating surgery, I have lost 15 pounds which has enhanced my feminine outward appearance.
Paige, I hope you find that man of your dreams.. You deserve it…Leonara

Frances Frondorf
Frances Frondorf(@gwendolyn-greer)
5 years ago

I think your tale is very sweet, Paige. I know it helps to be a normal female’s height, and weight, to be perceived as a woman, rather than a male in female attire. I’ve yet to eliminate my facial hair(a mustache), and put on makeup, style my real very long hair into a more feminine appearance, and take the plunge. Unlike you, I’m one of the guys among males, and never really wanted to be a woman, unless things change the more I venture into unknown territory. I did go out to a special event once dressed. No one “made"… Read more »

Dana Hartwell
Dana Hartwell(@danahartwell)
5 years ago

I love your story, you are so fortunate to have natural feminine attributes.

Charlene V' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
Charlene V
5 years ago

Paige, thank you for sharing your story. Even through this electronic media your exuberance for womanhood and all that has traditionally meant streams through. Again thank you. You make me smile for I hear in your words me when I was younger, yet without your determination to be my authentic self. Alas now I am in my senior years and though being young and looking for life and love as a traditional wife was my dream it has now past. Be that as it may as I grow in full realization of my own womanhood through encouragement received from supportive… Read more »

Marcy Hose
Marcy Hose(@marcyloveshose)
5 years ago

I get it, I think for once in my life I get it. I can’t stop what’s coming and I am so tired of running. I am so blessed to have a wife who loves me more than I will ever know. I spent the day being myself and I loved every minute of it. It’s not the cloths, it’s not the make up, it’s not even the how I think, it’s just me. And my best friend understands. I was completely open with her today and she was happy with that. She has no regrets anymore, she is waiting… Read more »

Dame Veronica Graunwolf
5 years ago

Paige….thank you for your kind words. Bless you and do have a great holiday season.
Dame Veronica

Roxanne Lanyon
Roxanne Lanyon(@roxanne)
5 years ago

My Dearest Paige! I am so impressed with you! Like me, a woman who knows what she wants! I too want a man in my life. I want to be loved, cared for, adored! Waking up each morning with a loving man at my side is the most wonderful feeling I could ever have! I want to devote my life to his happiness, and pleasure, and maybe, some day, impossible though it may be, wake up some morning pregnant with his child! Oh, What a good wife I will be for him. Please?
Roxanne, His Woman Forever

Kathi Miller
Kathi Miller(@kathim)
5 years ago

What a wonderful story Paige. And, very common too. All too many of us girls have had to leave behind family and friends when we come out. Yet, letting the woman in you flourish turns out to be the best thing we ever did in our lives. As Shania Twain sang in a song released in 2017, “Life’s about to get good!"

Danielle Fox
Danielle Fox(@cd-danielle)
5 years ago

What a lovely story but with sadness and sorrow. Your story is a beacon in the dark night of uncertainty and indecision for those of us still trying to come to terms with the potential loss of family and friends if we transition. I can see by your article you are truly happy now and that is the most important part of finding out who we are. My best wishes for you, I pray that you will find your true love. Thank you so much for your wonderful article. Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗
Danielle 💋👠

Lea Henderson
5 years ago

Well I’m happy for you Paige, transcending from one world to another. In Buddhism, there is no finality just moved beginnings…. Experiences when going to the supermarket or to the shopping mall….. Even the hardware store…. I can be dressed in my black jeans leather boots riding jacket or I can be wearing shorts for the top and sandals… I still get responses from both men and women who each one identifies me as one or the other…. And compliments me on it… What world do I fit in? Whatever comes along and just being happy with myself and my… Read more »

Cami Jansen
Cami Jansen
5 years ago

Thanks for sharing your story Paige.
I’m sill very early into transitioning compared to you but your story brings hope and probably not just to me.
It’s also awesome to hear another lady here who dresses basically the way i do…I call it the Soccer Mum look.

Best wishes Cami xx

Lea Henderson
5 years ago
Reply to  Cami Jansen

Good answer Cami… The soccer mom look.. lol
Hugs to you….

𝓜𝒾𝓈𝓈 𝓒𝓁ℴℯ́ 💋💋
Active Member
5 years ago

Paige, you are a blessed woman to be so Happy. Health does worry me as the men in my family usually do not see their 70th from stroke or heart failure. I can only hope that stopping the effects of testosterone will help me. I’m not as petite as you, but at 5’8″ I still do not completely stand out and have found some very feminine looks that I now get maam’d a lot (I am south of the Mason-Dixon after all). But to be honest, the most peaceful day out in the world was not the numerous TG gatherings… Read more »

Vanessa Law
Active Member
Vanessa Law(@vanessa)
5 years ago

Thank you for your kind words dear, you’re most welcome!
And thank you for sharing your story – love your hope and optimistic attitude hon!

Dame Veronica Graunwolf
5 years ago

Hi Paige….what a lovely story…thank you for sharing. I am sorry that you have lost a family but found true happiness….a goal that many seldom achieve. Take care of yourself, watch your health and food intake. Be strong in mind and body. I have had 5 heart attacks, 3 years in Vietnam, surviving a shot down helicopter, 2 car crashes, pneumonia and 40 yrs with sled-dogs….Malamutes and siberian Huskies and a timber wolf. I refuse to give up, I won’t stop fighting to live until they pry my sword from my cold dead hands! (I am a Knight Templar) Live…be….happy…..let… Read more »

Carla Roberts
Carla Roberts(@carlaroberts)
5 years ago

So happy for you Paige. Glad you are living as your authentic self.

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