My SUV was a write-off, but I can smile now

My 4×4 had been transformed into a crumpled heap, I had no choice but to continue to drive it to work.

Just for a moment, think of how you would have reacted to this situation?

A: Immediately throw a fit. Be really upset and angry saying something like: ‘Damn it!! Without that car I am screwed, I really need that car!!’

B: Wow, that was nasty but I’m okay! Although it is very inconvenient and presents a challenge, I believe I will be okay without that car and I will survive this.

En Femme Style

C: Meh, it was the cars time – no biggie! I’m grateful that I got to drive it for as long as I did, it owed me nothing. I was the driver after all and not the car, I will just find a new ride.

It all started one evening, while I was driving my 90’s Ford Explorer 4×4 on my way to visit a friend. Sunset was approaching as the sun sat upon the horizon in front of me. I had been thinking about getting a new vehicle, as this one shook like crazy when I drove it at highway speeds. Apparently, Ford had recalled this model due to a fault with the transfer case, causing the steering wheel to shake left to right and vibrating constantly. My 4×4 was long past the re-call date, the cost of repair would be huge and highly unlikely. I had to admit that my Ford was already on its way out.

While I had arrived at the conclusion that it was time to consider saying farewell to my Ford, I unfortunately lacked the funds for a new ride. It’s my nature to be positive and creative with my thinking, so, I started to visualize the new truck I wanted from that day. I would close my eyes a couple times each day and imagine in detail, my new ride. Gripping the steering wheel, feeling it in my hands, the smell of the upholstery and the sound of the music playing as I drove my imaginary van.

Now, this is where things started to get interesting. Shortly after I have begun to imagine owing and driving my van, a series of events took place that gave me a sense of synchronicity and coincidence, like a line of dominoes toppling over.

That night on my trip, a semi with a flat deck trailer attached passed me in the opposing lane. I watched as a rock bounced off the trailer and headed towards the windshield, as if in slow motion. Suddenly – Bam!  A loud crack like a rifle shot inside the cab as exploding pieces of glass flew in every direction as the windshield shattered. In a split second a thought went through my mind; there was no question if I was replacing the Ford now.

Without an alternative way of returning home, I drove back after my trip and continued to drive it to work the following week. I was about to leave work for home one afternoon, when I realized someone had crashed into my little Ford, hitting the driver’s side while parked at the jobsite. The front fender, both doors and a portion of rear quarter panel were crumpled, forcing me to crawl into my van through the passenger door window. I drove directly to the nearest police station to report the hit and run. I reported the incident to my insurance knowing that the SUV would soon be declared a write-off.

Having no other choice, I continued to drive it another four days. One morning as I approached the city, a detour sign forced me to make a left turn, instead of going straight through the intersection as usual. One block up, on the right-hand side, sat a van identical to the one I had imagined. A white Dodge caravan, cargo, with dual sliding doors, plastic floor liner and cd player with a big red for sale sign in the window. I could hardly believe my eyes, what a coincidence!  I pulled over and parked, walked to the house and knocked on the door. Without much hesitation, I bought the van in that moment, for much less than I would soon to receive for the write-off payment I would get in a few days.

Referring back to my opening question, and in hindsight, my final response is: Well that worked out so much better than I had imagined. I am grateful. Awesome!

Remember that you are the driver of your avatar and you have the awesome power of imagination to attract people, events, and things into your life experience.

I spend a few minutes each evening as I drift off to sleep imagining in as much detail as possible, all the things I want to experience in my life. I leave the how to aside, knowing that as I imagine, I will experience.

This week, hit Your Weekly Reset button, and remember that you are the driver, not the car. You have the naturally given ability to imagine or experience anything you want. I am doing it and I know you can too. Imagine new leadership that openly supports freedom and acceptance.

Each night for those few minutes, I imagine driving freely in the sun, with my car painted up and decorated exactly how I love it and simply because, I love it. I witness almost daily the things of my imagination showing up in the real world around me. So, I practice the life skill of consciously and intentionally imagining wonderful things, with gratitude, leaving the drama to those who prefer that. What will you choose to imagine this week?

Thanks for reading Your Weekly Reset and thanks for being exactly who you are!




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From a life of struggle, addiction and suicide attempts, to Published Author, Certified Life Coach/Certified Hypnotist and building an online support service for peeps like us. Intentionally and Consciously Creating a Rewarding, Abundant Life of Purpose, Passion & Possibility is what I Am all about...

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