My Wonderful Weekend


Last weekend, my boyfriend and I traveled to Corpus Christi Texas for a romantic interlude. This is the very same boyfriend I mentioned in my last article. This was a chance to move past the lie my cousin’s wife told, insinuating that I had HIV/Aids. We’re going to couple’s counseling as we work together to save our relationship. He took me out to lunch last Friday and asked me if I’d like to go to the beach for the weekend. I jumped at the chance and said “Yes, please!” We packed our things and left after work. He drove while I relaxed reading a book and alternately engaging in light conversation with him. We checked into our hotel, which overlooked the harbor. After settling in, we got ready to go out for dinner.

He asked if I would dress up for our night out. I was excited to do so; I chose to wear a ruffled off-the-shoulder ivory chiffon blouse and a black ankle length maxi skirt with my D’Orsay high heels. Needless to say, I turned a few heads and received many compliments (yay)! There were also those people who rolled their eyes and made nasty comments, (whatever). I didn’t acknowledge them because I was enjoying the night with my 6’8″ tall Adonis. We laughed and talked well into the night before going back to our hotel room. I’ll leave what happened behind closed doors to your imagination.


Early Saturday morning, I donned my women’s swimsuit; he wore his red board shorts. We drove down to the beach. We frolicked in the water and walked along the beach–the seawater intermittently washing over our feet. At noon, we decided that it was too hot to stay at the beach so we changed clothes and went to visit the local attractions-most notably: the Lady Lex (Lexington Aircraft Carrier), and the Texas State Aquarium before returning to the hotel for some “quality time”. We stayed in for the rest of the afternoon/evening and most of the day on Sunday before arriving home late that evening.

During our weekend long romantic interlude, my boyfriend told me many times he loves me deeply and wants to save our relationship. He told me he couldn’t take anymore of my cousin’s wife’s lies, and that he needed time to “decompress.” I understood and reciprocated his affections. It felt nice to be with him over the balance of a whole weekend while our life has been caught in a tailspin.

That was my wonderful weekend.

En Femme Style

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Vanessa-Marie Villarreal

Pre-op transgender woman. Live and work in Austin Texas. Healthcare worker in Alzheimer's home.

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JAKe Hatmacher
Active Member
JAKe Hatmacher(@middleground)
1 year ago

Brielle, I’m very glad you grasped your opportunity to put on your bathing suit and go to the pool I’m elated you had no snide remarks and appeared to be accepted. When I decided to come out to family and mutual friends of mine and my wife earlier this year, I wasn’t sure how it would be received and whether there would be negative fallout. I must say, I was more concerned with how friends would treat my wife. It was due to fear that she would lose all her friends that I led a dual life, my female one… Read more »

Dani Stewert
Dani Stewert
2 years ago

Glad you hot to spend quality time with your man and that he loves you. Thanks for sharing Your happiness

Stephanie Horne
Stephanie Horne(@stephaniech)
4 years ago

Sounds dreamy! Hope you still have the relationship.

Josie Jay
Josie Jay(@josiejay)
4 years ago

Aww, what a sweet story hon. it sounds like your boyfriend is a keeper. good luck to you both and here’s hoping you have many more beautiful stories to tell about you two.

Collette Chambers
Collette Chambers(@collette)
5 years ago

You are such a lucky girl. I am so happy for you. If I were in your shoes you could not wipe the smile from my face. In fact I feel so good, just thinking about it, I’m still smiling continuously. Thank you so much for sharing.

Kimberlee LaShuk
Kimberlee LaShuk
5 years ago

Omg! I just left Corpus Christi! I have some family that lives there. Heading back to the bitter cold New York now

Sharon Lewis
Sharon Lewis
5 years ago

That sounded like a wonderful weekend, good luck to your future.

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