One thing that I do every single day to create Self-Love, is sooo simple!

The one thing I do every single day, is to intentionally and consciously create a life I love. That one simple thing you can do as often as you choose; or not, it is always your choice.

After over two decades of learning and teaching Life Skills while moving through a process of untangling my mind, from what has been termed in medical circles as gender dysphoria, one thing stands above all others in my learning. That I have learned most importantly, that love is always an inside job. Marilyn Monroe was a wonderful example of a magical being seeking love from outside of herself. She was quoted as having said when asked, why do you want to be in movies, called pictures in those days, and her reply was: “because when you’re famous, everybody loves you”.

The one person from whom love was needed the most, was herself

We have all heard this more times than we can count, love is an inside job, true beauty starts within and if you want someone to love you, you must first love yourself and so on. These are all true statements by the way.

And since they are true, why are more people than ever quietly suffering and not jumping at the idea of self-love? Why are so many people walking around on our planet suffering from depression, anxiety, or even as I once was many years ago, seriously contemplating leaving my body and the planet completely?

The underlying theme and ‘same/same’ that I have witnessed again and again, through the clients I have served and of course through my own personal journey to a life of fulfillment, passion and abundance of the good stuff, is this: I did not know how.

How do I get to self love?

Even and especially, when I do not know what self love truly feels like?

So, here it is in all its glorious simplicity my friends. I have written about this, spoken about this, taught this to hundreds if not thousands of people through out my coaching career and I use this every single day of my life to intentionally and consciously create self love and a life I love as well.

What is the one thing? The mirror exercise: Yeah, I know, been there heard that you say, but have you put this one simple thing to an honest test?  Or have you come up with a reason (excuse) not to?

This simple thing can might even save your life, as it has mine, and support you in creating one full of magical moments and a whole lot more fun.

It has been since I attended college, yes, that was a while ago, that I have formed the habit of looking into a mirror or reflective surface several times every day and saying something wonderful to myself. I even have a mirror on the visor of my vehicle! My body turns sixty this year to give you some perspective on how long ago I attended collage as a student.

This week make your choice be in support of you and instead of against you

I have learned that people believe about you, what you believe about you. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and it is a perfect day to start saying a few nice things to yourself in the mirror every single day, no matter how silly or uncomfortable it may feel at the start.

The mind learns through repetition; the more you say ‘You’re okay’ in the mirror and smile, the sooner your mind will accept that as truth, you are on your way to emotional freedom and yes, self love like you may have never before experienced; being there, doing that!

Thank you so much for reading Your Weekly Reset my sisters and thank you for being exactly who you are!


n huggles always



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