Out of the dark ages, (concluded)

My confidence was high now, but I hadn’t told any friends or any work colleagues. This seemed to be an area that was difficult for me to face. Some of these people I’d known most of my life. However, I had thought about it and an opportunity presented itself one day when I bumped into an old friend, whom I had worked with in town when in drab. We had a chat and agreed to have a coffee. She was quite a nice lady, and she was asking why I hadn’t married. As this was someone who didn’t know any of my friends or family, I shared with her my secret. She didn’t react badly at all and asked lots of sensible questions. She wanted to meet up again, and on that occasion, I would take some photos of me as Angela.

When we met up for coffee, I shared with her pictures of Angela. She was very complimentary and commented on my wig, asking who cut it in. This was something I hadn’t understood; she was telling me that wigs can be styled and cut and was surprised that I wasn’t aware of it. In her past, she had been a dancer and knew about caring for wigs. She also knew a hairdresser who cut wigs! I am still in touch with this dear lady and grateful to her, as she gave me the confidence to be more open with my friends.

I contacted the wig lady and saw her as soon as I could. She gave my wig a cut and the difference was amazing, I now had my style, which I keep with today. I have bought wigs from her. Unfortunately, she moved away, but gave me a new contact that is just as good.

Arriving at this point in life has taken quite a few years. On evenings and days off, I was out and about where possible. My work was quite absorbing, as it was shifts throughout the week; I also had other commitments where I couldn’t be me.

My situation was still good, as I had a nice wardrobe of clothes and enough opportunities to keep me happy. I loved my time as a girl and reveled in the acceptance of those that know Angela.

So now I was out of the dark ages and beginning to bloom. I knew who I wanted to be, and I was still pinching myself because of how good things were going.

What could possibly go wrong?






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April King
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I’m happy for you love.



It’s always nice to read about positivity, progress and happiness.
Good luck with your future and may you enjoy it to the fullest of your capacity.

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